The Batman: Jason Alexander Suggests He Could Play Penguin

Jason Alexander The Penguin in The Batman

Jason Alexander has put himself up for consideration to play Penguin in The Batman. The American-born actor is probably best known for his role as George Costanza on Seinfeld, which ultimately earned him seven consecutive Emmy nominations. He also enjoyed roles on a variety of other shows, including Friends and, more recently, multiple episodes of Young Sheldon and Seth McFarlane's science-fiction comedy, The Orville. Alexander has also appeared in such big-screen favorites as Pretty Woman and can occasionally be seen on Broadway, for which he has also received awards recognition. In recent years, he has also taken on various directorial duties.

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The Batman, however, is set to be directed by Matt Reeves and will see Robert Pattinson take over the cape and cowl. News regarding the highly-anticipated production has ramped up in recent weeks, with Zoe Kravitz confirmed to be playing Catwoman and Paul Dano signing on to play The Riddler. Things have even moved significantly forward on a technical front, with Michael Giacchino set to compose the film's score. One role that remains very much up in the air, however, is that of Oswald Cobblepot (aka Penguin). Debuting on the page back in 1941, Penguin has endured as one of Batman's most well-known foes. For a time, it was believed to be one of the villainous roles Jonah Hill was in talks to portray. Earlier this week, however, it was reported that Hill had exited negotiations with Warner Bros.

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Striking while the iron is hot, Alexander took to Twitter and suggested himself for the role. The post was very much tongue in cheek, with the actor declaring that with Hill having passed on the role, the next move should center the casting search on "someone familiar with marine biology". The remark is a clear nod to the time on Seinfeld when Alexander's character posed as a marine biologist in order to impress a date - only for those fictional skills to be called upon at the beach when a whale required aid. Check out the full post below:

With Seinfeld set to move to Netflix, that particular episode - titled "The Marine Biologist" - will soon be available for fans old and new to enjoy. It also serves to make Alexander's efforts more meta, since it featured a guest appearance by actress Carol Kane. Kane recently starred in multiple episodes of Gotham, playing Gertrud Kapelput - the mother of Robin Lord Taylor's iteration of the iconic villain for which Alexander is vying. It also isn't the only DC character the Seinfeld actor has jokingly campaigned for in recent weeks. Alexander also suggested that the studio should follow up Joker with a solo origin film for the villainous Egghead - with himself taking on the titular role.

There is no way of knowing whether Reeves has even seen the actor's efforts, much less whether he will ultimately respond to them. He is, however, not averse to more left-field casting choices. It was recently revealed, after all, that Seth Rogen was initially up for the role of Penguin. As such, it's certainly a possibility. The post has already amassed a wave of support from fans. Coupling that with Alexander's obvious acting talents and previous recognition, dismissing the idea completely out of hand could leave fans as angry as the sea was said to be in the aforementioned Seinfeld episode. Whatever happens, however, further casting announcements for The Batman will no doubt come sooner rather than later.

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Source: Jason Alexander/Twitter

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