The Batman: What Colin Farrell Could Look Like As Penguin

Colin Farrell as The Penguin Fan-Art The Batman

New fan art has emerged, depicting how Colin Farrell might look as the villainous Penguin in The Batman. Though portrayed most recently on the big screen by Ben Affleck, the highly anticipated new film will be directed by Matt Reeves and will take the Caped Crusader back to his younger years. Earlier in the year, it was confirmed that Twilight star Robert Pattinson had been cast as Batman and will assume the cape and cowl. In the years since the YA novel-inspired Twilight saga concluded, Pattinson has amassed great acclaim with his performances - most recently opposite Willem Dafoe in The Lighthouse.

Casting news has ramped up on the film over the last month. Though Jonah Hill was originally in talks for a villainous role, he ultimately dropped out. In his stead, it was announced that Paul Dano had signed on to play The Riddler. Alongside him, Jeffrey Wright was confirmed as Commissioner Gordon and actress Zoe Kravitz was officially unveiled as Catwoman. Though The Batman will fall out of continuity with the established DCEU, each development has largely been met with praise. Said cast was further expanded earlier this week - with Andy Serkis cast as Alfred Pennyworth. Meanwhile, Farrell is in talks to play The Penguin.

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In celebration of the announcement, the acclaimed digital artist, BossLogic, has taken it upon himself to whet fan's appetites further. Posting on Instagram, his latest work offers a glimpse at how Farrell may look in the role. The result comes without the weight usually characterized by Oswald Cobblepot in the comics. Equally, it's far less inhuman than Danny DeVito's portrayal in Tim Burton's Batman Returns. Regardless, the attire is absolutely in line with the source material and the artwork's depiction is very much monstrous in its own right, with this version of Penguin sporting a host of facial scars. Check out the full image below:

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According to reports, The Batman may be set in the 1990s and is heavily rumored to be based on The Long Halloween storyline from the comics. Whatever the case, Pattinson has officially started training for the role. It's also been said that he has already tried on his version of the Batsuit and even settled on his own Batman voice. There are still a number of roles left to be filled, including Two-Face and potentially even a Robin. Given how rapidly production has appeared to escalate, such castings will hopefully not be too far away. It will be some time, however, before fans get to see anything official from the set.

As such, the above artwork will no doubt help tide fans over in the meantime. Though each will have their own individual takes on the quality of the fan art, the comments alone have been mostly in applause of the efforts. While some will no doubt be wanting comic accuracy in terms of the character's weight, Robin Lord Taylor on Gotham proved that it doesn't necessarily have to be an issue. Having played the character for multiple seasons, Taylor's performance was widely praised for featuring the mercurial menace without needs for extensive prosthetics. Farrell would no doubt do equal justice to the role And the above image will only add to the hope that Farrell will officially sign on to The Batman's ever-growing cast.

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Source: BossLogic/Instagram

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