Matt Reeves' The Batman Isn't About the Death of Jason Todd

Matt Reeves' The Batman isn't about Jason Todd's death. Its been over a year since the Planet of the Apes director joined DC, but there's still nothing to show for it. After Ben Affleck stepped down as writer and director, there's been persistent and still unconfirmed rumors regarding his status playing Batman. If he walks, Reeves is said to have Jake Gyllenhaal ready to take over. Either way, there are indications that Reeves plans to take Bruce Wayne back before Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

If this is the path Reeves goes, it would allow Batman to exist without having to worry about the larger continuity. But, that avenue would also provide Reeves with the chance to show Batman in his prime and explore the clear history that BvS established. That doesn't mean the movie will focus on the death of Jason Todd. though.

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A rumor surfaced online today that Reeves' script for The Batman focused on Bruce dealing with the loss of Jason Todd. His death is already established with the Robin suit on display in BvS and in the character bios for Suicide Squad, so it'd be easy to see why that thread could've been expanded. However, The Wrap debunked this rumor after their sources told them the rumor is false.

The death of Jason Todd is an iconic moment in DC Comics, and has generated some great followup stories as a result. Some of those may even have been perfect for sequels, so really taking this route could've worked. The difficulty with adapting that story however comes with the majority of audiences having no attachment to Jason's version of Robin, or even knowing he is a Robin at all. Dick Grayson is the definitive version of the character and has a Nightwing solo movie directed by Chris McKay waiting in the wings.

Since Reeves is not going to be telling this story though (at least in the first film), the possible translation to the big screen will have to wait. Instead, Reeves promises that the development process is going well. Casting has yet to begin, and he's yet to finish the script. Neither are currently that big of an issue with production reportedly not beginning until 2019. That should mean Reeves still has time to finish crafting his ideas, even if the unfortunate part of this means it may still be awhile before we definitively know what The Batman is going to be - let alone who will star.

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The Batman is currently in development but does not have a release date.

Source: The Wrap

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