The Batman: Matt Reeves Promises Pre-Production is Going Well

The Batman director Matt Reeves has offered a brief update on the progress of the movie. The DC Extended Universe introduced its version of the caped crusader in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, where he was played by Ben Affleck. The movie offered an older, more jaded take on the character, who had been operating as Batman for years. While Affleck received mostly positive reviews for his turn, the movie itself received a very mixed reaction.

Affleck returned for Justice League and a cameo in Suicide Squad, and at one stage was set to write and direct The Batman solo movie. Since the actor had worked on various projects back to back he decided to step aside from directing, with Matt Reeves (War For The Planet Of The Apes) being brought on as a replacement. Following the failure of Justice League, it seems the project is currently in limbo. Affleck is said to be eager to move on entirely from the DCEU and his involvement with Reeves' movie remains a question mark.

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While fans are still waiting for word on Affleck's return or when the movie will start filming, Matt Reeves offered the briefest of updates on The Batman on Twitter. Obviously, this tweet isn't much to go on, but at the very least it confirms the movie is still an active project and that Reeves is excited by what he's cooking up.

A lot of rumors and assumptions surround The Batman, with Reeves' take on the movie said to be a neo-noir mystery. The director also scrapped the version of the script Affleck was working on and is said to favor casting a new actor in the role. Affleck's unhappiness with how his Batman run has gone so far is something of an open secret, so the studio is likely giving him breathing room before making a decision on his future.

Justice League is now officially the lowest-grossing DCEU movie, and its underperformance has caused the studio to reassess their future slate. Their current focus is said to be on solo movies, including sequels to their biggest hits like Wonder Wonder. Their planned one-off, R-rated Joker movie is also an experiment to see if audiences are interested in some Elseworlds-style adventures, free of the DCEU continuity. With or without Affleck, The Batman is going to happen eventually, because the character is too popular to be left sitting on the shelf for long.

Reeves has shown with his past work he has a knack for strong, character-focused blockbusters, so hopefully whatever he has in store for The Batman is enough to convince Affleck to give the cowl at least one more go before calling it quits.

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