The Batman's New Catwoman Already Played Selina Kyle For DC

Matt Reeves' The Batman has found its new Catwoman in Zoë Kravitz - and she already has experience playing the role of Selina Kyle for DC. As the latest addition to the film's cast, Kravitz is set to play the sometimes friend, sometimes foe, oftentimes love interest to Batman in the upcoming reboot. She'll star as Catwoman opposite of Robert Pattinson's younger version of the Dark Knight and Jeffrey Wright's Commissioner Jim Gordon.

Catwoman's exact role in The Batman is not yet known, but it has been heavily rumored that she could play a big part. There have been no shortage of rumors of who could land the coveted role either. Kravitz is the one who ultimately was chosen, but her competition has also been revealed. The likes of Ana de Armas, Zazie Beetz, Eiza Gonzalez, and Ella Balinska all were reportedly in the mix before Reeves decided to go with the former X-Men: First Class and recent Big Little Lies star. Her past performances provide enough evidence for why she should be a great Catwoman, but it may also help that she's played her already.

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It is true that The Batman will be Kravitz' first time playing Selina Kyle in live-action, but what some may not know is that they may have heard her as Catwoman already. She provided the voice for the character in 2017's The LEGO Batman Movie. Although Catwoman didn't have the largest role in the movie, it still gives Kravitz a rare background in playing a comic book character prior to making a live-action appearance.

Even with such a small part, Kravitz is the only one who was up for the role in The Batman who has experience playing Catwoman before. There will be plenty of differences between her two appearances at Catwoman on the big screen though. For starters, Kravitz will physically appear in The Batman and not just be heard, but her vocal performance for both could be similar. It also will not be difficult for her to receive more screentime in live-action than she received in animation, but her role in The Batman (and beyond) could be extensive.

This will also make her the first actress to ever play Catwoman in live-action after previously playing Selina Kyle in another format. Julie Newmar, Lee Meriwether, and Eartha Kitt all played the role in the Adam West era of Batman. Michelle Pfieffer, Halle Berry, and Anne Hathaway then each played her on the big screen, while Camren Bicondova played Catwoman on Gotham. None of these actresses previously voiced the role, and none of the actresses who have ever voiced Selina for animation went on to play her in live-action either.

It is unlikely that Kravitz's history with the character played any part in Reeves' decision to cast her, but it does provide everyone with a fun tidbit. And on that note, The Batman will also serve as a LEGO Batman reunion to a degree, as Jonah Hill voiced Green Lantern in that movie. He may not be playing that same role in The Batman, but it does give the film two cast members from the animated movie, so who knows who could be next as casting continues.

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