What Zoe Kravitz Could Look Like As Catwoman In The Batman

Catwoman Zoe Kravitz

Warner Bros. and DC Films' The Batman recently cast Zoë Kravitz as Catwoman and fan art imagines what the actress could look like as Selina Kyle. The upcoming Batman movie has changed quite a lot since it was announced as part of the slate for the unofficially titled DC Extended Universe. In the early years of the DCEU, it was to be a writing, directing and starring vehicle for Ben Affleck. But The Batman recruited director Matt Reeves to replace Affleck when he stepped down from writing and helming, then cast Robert Pattinson as Batman when the elder actor left the franchise entirely.

Now, Reeves is putting together his own movie about the Caped Crusader ahead of the film's June 2021 release date. Recently, there's been some casting news for the movie, including Kravitz being cast in The Batman as Catwoman. This won't be the first time Kravitz has taken on the role of Selina Kyle, having voiced Catwoman in Warner Bros' LEGO Batman Movie, but it will be the actress' first chance to don the costume of the iconic DC Comics character. Although an official look at Kravitz as Catwoman has yet to be revealed, fans have taken it upon themselves to showcase what she could look like in costume.

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On Instagram, artists ultraraw26, Mizuri, apexform and doubledomino revealed pieces of fan art that imagine what Kravitz could look like as Catwoman in Reeves' The Batman. Some pieces also include Pattinson's Batman for good measure, offering fans a hint at what they can expect from the DC movie. Check out the art below.

The art here offers quite a few different designs for Kravitz's Catwoman, most implementing her goggles and all incorporating cat ears, though some are part of headpieces while the ears in Mizuri's art are embedded in Kravitz's hair. All the artwork also adapts Catwoman's typical black jumpsuit from the comics, and some pieces include weapons like sharp claws or the character's bullwhip. Fans will no doubt differ on which design they like best, and it's unclear which - if any - of these costume designs will resemble the official suit worn by Kravitz in Reeves' film. Until Warner Bros. releases an official look, or the costume surfaces through set photos, fans will have to wait and see.

It's unclear when exactly The Batman will start filming as reports have differed and nothing has been reported recently. It's possible the movie will begin production before the end of 2019, or in early 2020 at the latest. After all, James Gunn's Suicide Squad is already filming and it hits theaters after The Batman. So we can likely expect Reeves, Pattinson and Kravitz to start filming sooner rather than later - once the film's full cast is set, of course - and hopefully fans will get their first look at Kravitz as Catwoman around that time.

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Source: ultraraw26, Mizuri, apexform, doubledomino/Instagram

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