The Batman Casts Newcomer In Mystery Role

The Batman adds another name to its ever-expanding cast list, this time newcomer Jayme Lawson in a currently unspecified and mysterious role.

Jayme Lawson The Batman

The cast list for The Batman has added yet another new name to its ranks - this time adding newcomer Jayme Lawson in a mysterious role. Directed and co-written by Matt Reeves, The Batman will take The Caped Crusader back to his younger days. Though eschewing the well-worn origin story, it will still feature Bruce Wayne not quite yet having become the World's Greatest Detective. Taking over from Ben Affleck, who last played the part in Justice League, it was announced earlier in the year that Robert Pattinson would play Bruce Wayne. The Batman will reportedly be based on The Long Halloween storyline, and, as such, will feature a whole host of supporting characters and villains.

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A number of those roles have been officially cast over the last month. Amid much praise from fans, Zoe Kravitz was announced to be playing Catwoman. The role of Commissioner Gordon will be played by Westworld's Jeffrey Wright. For a time, it appeared that Jonah Hill would portray a principal villain. Ultimately, however, Paul Dano landed the part of The Riddler and Colin Farrell entered talks to play The Penguin. Bruce Wayne's trusted butler and ally, Alfred Pennyworth, meanwhile, will reportedly be played by Andy Serkis. With numerous other characters rumored for the highly anticipated film, including Two-Face and potentially even Robin, fans can expect many more developments in the months to come.

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According to Collider, however, another role has now been filled. The outlet reports that Lawson has landed a role in The Batman. Fresh from Juilliard school and without even an IMDB page to her name, Lawson is the epitome of a newcomer. Though she has a number of theater credits - including Lady Macbeth and the gender-switched lead in Hamlet - The Batman will mark Lawson's first big-screen role. As such, Lawson's name will surely become more widely known in the coming months. As of now, however, specific details regarding the name and nature of Lawson's role - even regarding whether she will be a friend or foe to Batman - is very much being kept under wraps.

Jayme Lawson Juilliard School The Batman Casting

Though filming has yet to begin, preparations are already underway. Just recently, it was revealed that Pattinson was officially in training for The Batman. Equally, Pattinson revealed that he had already tried on his version of The Batsuit and settled on his own take on Batman's voice. Pattinson's casting was initially met with a mix of skepticism and applause. For everybody who couldn't overlook Pattinson's role of Edward in the Twilight saga, there were others who thought him the perfect fit after turns in such films as Cosmopolis and 2017's Good Time. The adulation for the actor's work has only increased with the release of Robert Eggers' psychological horror The Lighthouse.

The latest casting announcement, however, will no doubt turn fans' attention towards another favorite hobby - rabid speculation. The level of the announcement implies Lawson's role won't be confirmed to a blink-and-you'll-miss-it appearance. If indeed The Batman is inspired by The Long Halloween, that will likely provide some clues and help narrow things down somewhat. One option could be Gilda - the wife of Harvey Dent and a prominent figure in the mystery that runs through the entire Long Halloween storyline. Then again, given Wright's aforementioned casting, Barbara Gordon could also be a safe bet. Whatever the case, fans will know for sure as more details come to light and when The Batman finally hits theaters.

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Source: Collider

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