The Batman: Justice League Artist Praises Ben Affleck's Unused Script

Justice League artist Jay Oliva sings praises for Ben Affleck's unused script for The Batman. Initially joining the DCEU by playing the franchise's iteration of the Caped Crusader in 2016's Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Affleck's role expanded to being the director and writer of the planned Batman standalone movie that he's supposedly going to star in. However, the actor eventually ceded helming duties to Matt Reeves, who's now busy writing the movie.

Shortly after that unexpected turn of events, rumors started swirling that Affleck may also no longer appear in the film, with claims that the actor has been actively finding a way to exit the franchise. The actor's confusing remarks about his commitment to playing the role haven't helped to ease people's concerns, and it's still unclear if he's going to star in the movie, despite still being involved in producing it.

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Replying to a fan's statement on Twitter regarding Affleck's lack of story for The Batman, Oliva shared that he actually read the actor's script, and went as far as saying that it's the best Batman script he's ever read. Sadly, he didn't expound on his statement and kept the specific narrative details to himself, but his comment surely piqued the interest of fans who had been looking forward to Affleck's take on the character as a writer.

Based on Affleck's statement confirming that he was stepping down from helming the film, the primary reason for his decision was so he could focus on delivering a spectacular performance. However, there was no mention of how far along he was in terms of writing the narrative of the film. Given the lack of information regarding that, numerous rumors have popped up, including the actor not really having a story for the movie as alleged by the above fan's comment. While there's no doubt that Affleck could probably deliver a fantastic story like Oliva said, if so, why was it scrapped entirely? Reeves' could've boarded the project as a director while also keeping Affleck's treatment, unless Reeves stipulated in his contract that he wanted to also write the film - a possibility considering that Warner Bros. had to circle back to the director after their initial talks fell through.

Story details for The Batman remain a mystery, but it's expected to feature a younger version of the character, which has led many to believe that Affleck will not appear. Reeves, however, confirmed that it will not be based on Frank Miller's Batman: Year One comics, contrary to previous reports. No official release date has been announced for the film, but with principal photography expected to begin next spring, the highly anticipated project could potentially be ready to hit theaters by 2020.

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Source: Jay Oliva/Twitter

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