The Batman: Ben Affleck Reportedly Began Training Again

Ben Affleck has reportedly begun training again to suit up for The Batman, which recently found a new director in Matt Reeves.

Ben Affleck as Batman in Batman V Superman

Ben Affleck has reportedly begun training again to suit up for The Batman. Taking a look back at the development of The Batman, Warner Bros. announced in 2013 that Affleck was the newest Batman. The actor played the part in DCEU films Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad, both released last year. Affleck is set to reprise the role in the upcoming Justice League and it was announced last year that a standalone movie called The Batman would be made, with the actor both starring and directing.

The Batman was originally said to begin filming in 2017, but several developments have derailed that plan. First, Affleck dropped out of the director’s chair, and was replaced by Matt Reeves. Then, there were rumors that Affleck was going to drop out of the Batman role as well, although these never came to pass. Then, Affleck announced in March that he had completed treatment for alcoholism, followed by reports that the rehab stint had no bearing on either his decision to not direct or his future in the Batman suit. Now, there’s word that the film may be edging closer to production.

Affleck has begun training for the Batman role, according to a report this week from The Wrap's Umberto Gonzalez on Heroic Insider. Gonzalez cited an unnamed source:

“Ben Affleck, Batman, I just got word that he just started training again for the role. You know how there was talk that he was gonna leave and he might leave the role? Nah, bro. He’s working out. He’s getting back in shape.”

It’s not been announced when The Batman will officially get underway with its production, nor is there a release date; it's also unclear where Gonzalez got this information, though he is well known among superhero fans for his comic book movie-related scoops.

Ben Affleck as Batman in Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice

Whatever fans think about the previous DCEU releases, Affleck’s place in them, or the potential for Justice League based on its first trailer, the news about Affleck training for the new movie is promising, and not only because it means the delay may soon be over. The focus of a standalone movie, especially from a first-rate director like Reeves, may be just what the DCEU needs.  It’s also a good sign that Affleck, following his recent rehab stint, is getting back in the saddle.

Then again, for those who thought Affleck’s super-muscular physique in Dawn of Justice didn’t seem right for Batman/Bruce Wayne, perhaps they'll believe Affleck shouldn’t train quite so hard this time.

The Batman does not presently have an official release date; we will keep you posted once we know more about the status.

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Source: Heroic Insider

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