The Batman Casts Andy Serkis As Alfred Pennyworth

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Matt Reeves' The Batman casts Andy Serkis to play Alfred Pennyworth. With Robert Pattinson having been cast as the latest big screen Caped Crusader earlier this year, attention has recently turned to the film's supporting cast. Ahead of production reportedly beginning this December, Reeves and company have been filling out the rest of the ensemble, recruiting Jeffrey Wright to play Commissioner Gordon, Paul Dano to portray the Riddler, and Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman. But, of course, there are more roles to be filled.

One of the most important figures in Batman mythology is Alfred Pennyworth, the Wayne family butler who raises young Bruce after he loses his parents. All previous cinematic iterations of the franchise put their spin on Alfred, most recently with Jeremy Irons appearing in Batman v Superman and Justice League. But, as evidenced by Wright taking on the role of Gordon, Reeves is not beholden to the previous works of the DCEU, and can fill out the supporting cast as he sees fit. That means it's time for someone else to play Alfred.

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According to The Wrap, Serkis has been cast as Alfred in The Batman. With this, Serkis becomes the latest to be involved with Marvel and DC films. He previously played Ulysses Klaue in the MCU and is directing Venom 2 for Sony. The addition of Serkis is just one major casting update for The Batman today, as it's also been reported Colin Farrell is being eyed to play The Penguin.

Serkis is best-known for his motion-capture acting work, including his role as Caesar in the rebooted Planet of the Apes film trilogy. The latter two installments of that series were directed by Reeves, so it isn't surprising The Batman will see the pair reunite. They clearly enjoyed collaborating with one another, and it should be fun to see them together again. What will be interesting to keep an eye on his how Serkis balances what's bound to be a busy schedule. The latest word is Venom 2 will start production in November, meaning there could be some crossover between that sequel and The Batman. Since The Batman doesn't premiere until June 2021, it's possible the start date on that project is pushed back until some point in 2020. Regardless, Serkis wouldn't have even considered taking on Alfred if he wasn't confident in his time management skills.

Another fascinating bit is Serkis is going to be a much younger version of Alfred than viewers are accustomed to seeing. Michael Caine was 72 when Batman Begins debuted in 2005, and Irons turned 68 the year Batman v Superman came out. Serkis is in his late 50s, so Reeves is changing things up here. Surely, the Bruce/Alfred dynamic will be similar to what fans know, but there's an opportunity here to do some different things with the character. Since there have been two other Alfreds in close proximity to each other, going a slightly different route on The Batman is appreciated.

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Source: The Wrap

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