17Burned Alive (Batman Begins)

Batman on Fire

After having been dormant for ten years, the Dark Knight's film franchise was revived in 2005 with Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins. It was a fresh start for the character; we got to see Batman's training for the first time ever and were treated to villains that we had never seen

in a Batman film before. Ra's Al Ghul and Dr. Jonathan Crane were the antagonists of the movie, providing Batman with a threat he hadn't seen since the Burton days. This becomes apparent about halfway through the film, when the Caped Crusader is investigating a wave of new drugs that've been plaguing Gotham.

The investigation brings him to an old abandoned building, where Batman takes down two of Scarecrow's thugs before getting sprayed with a heavy dose of the villain's fear toxin. As he starts to hallucinate his biggest fears, Dr. Crane throws a bottle of alcohol on the Dark Knight before telling him to "lighten up."

Batman gets set on fire and is forced to jump out the window without a safety net; he crashes into the ground and then limps out of sight before calling for Alfred to come and save him. This was the moment we realized these villains meant business.

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