Batman Producer Michael Uslan Discusses The Shadow

The Shadow Film

This weekend, Michael E. Uslan, the executive producer of every Batman film from Tim Burton's Batman to Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight, appeared as a guest at the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2). While he wouldn't take any questions on the next Batman film, he did provide an update on some of his other active film projects including The Shadow.

Regarding The Shadow, Uslan told MTV Splash Page writer Rick Marshall that the film is definitely still in the works and director-producer Sam Raimi is still attached to the project, though he wouldn't clarify whether Raimi was still planning on directing the film. Last month, there were reports that the film might be switching studios from Sony Pictures to 20th Century Fox with David Slade (The Twilight Saga: Eclipse) jumping on board to direct instead of Raimi.

Uslan dismissed the rumors about Slade saying, "Don't necessarily believe everything you read on the Internet." He also went on to explain that The Shadow is a particularly important project for Sam Raimi.

"The Shadow comics were the thing that propelled Sam into becoming a comic book fanatic... Sam has a passion for it and an understanding of it."

Uslan himself has an interesting history with The Shadow (it was the first comic book he ever wrote professionally when he was a young employee at DC comics.)

Apart from his update on The Shadow, Uslan also indicated in a panel that he was still actively involved in producing Doc Savage and Shazam. While he didn't elaborate on the progress of either film, in the case of Shazam, it's just nice to hear that the project is moving forward. Last year, there were rumors that the film might be dead in the water. More recently, we learned that project was again picking up steam after writers Bill Burch and Geoff Johns jumped on board.

What do you think of the fact that David Slade's involvement with The Shadow is only a rumor? Do you still want to see Raimi in the director's chair?

Source: MTV Splash Page

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