Matt Reeves’ Batman Rumor: It’s Not A Prequel Or Reboot

Matt Reeves' solo Batman movie will not be a prequel or reboot and will carry on the Justice League timeline, even without Ben Affleck.

Matt Reeves isn't looking to reboot or do a prequel with The Batman based on a new rumor. The big screen future of Batman has been a hot topic of conversation since the beginning of the year when Ben Affleck was announced to no longer be the director of The Batman. His decision left the job vacant and Warner Bros. eventually named War for the Planet of the Apes director Matt Reeves as the replacement. The addition of Reeves not only took directing pressure off of the actor, but also saw the removal of Affleck's script. As if that wasn't enough, reports then started to surface that he wanted out of the cowl altogether.

Various rumors have continued to pop up since, but this past week saw them reignited with reports Reeves already met with a potential replacement. It was later revealed that one of the possible contenders for Batman is Jake Gyllenhaal, and that also brought back questions of what Reeves' take for Batman is. He's reportedly looking for a trilogy, and now a rumor claims it'll continue along with the current DC Films continuity.

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This is just a rumor for now, so take these details with some grains of salt. If these details do prove to be true however, it will make for a rather interesting development. Many thought that the best way to move forward with the DC universe without Affleck would be as a prequel series to Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice or by having someone other than Bruce Wayne be the Dark Knight. With Reeves wanting to continue to tell Batman's story in a post-Justice League world, this will be a straight re-cast situation if Affleck decides to move on.

Affleck was recently quoted as saying The Batman is a movie he is contemplating doing, even though it was thought he still has one film left on his deal. If Reeves is set on a Bruce Wayne as Batman trilogy, then it would appear Affleck isn't just deciding if he'll play the character one more time, but rather three more times (at least) for the next several years. All evidence points to Affleck walking at this point, and someone else - possibly Gyllenhaal - helping carry the DC universe forward. If this is the path The Batman and the DC universe as a whole goes, the hope will be that audiences quickly accept someone other than Affleck in the role.

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The Batman is currently in development but does not have a release date.

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