Rumor: Matt Reeves Taps New Screenwriter For The Batman

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Matt Reeves may have tapped frequent collaborator Mark Bomback to help pen the script for The Batman. Reeves is now in charge of Batman's future in the DC Extended Universe after taking on directing duties. He joined earlier this year following Ben Affleck stepping down as the director. Since he joined, Reeves has not had much time to work on the DC project thanks to his newest film, War for the Planet of the Apes, being in post-production and then doing the press junkets for its release.

With his duties for War now behind him, he can start focusing on The Batman. He already has ideas in mind that can span an entire trilogy and will implement them in the script that he is starting from scratch. And according to a new rumor, it looks like he may not be alone in the writer's room.

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Splash Report is reporting their sources have told them that Reeves has enlisted the help of Mark Bomback on The Batman. Bomback has previously worked with Reeves not only on War, but also on Dawn of the Planet of the Apes - which Reeves did not write. His other writing credits include InsurgentThe WolverineTotal RecallLive Free or Die Hard, and more. This is not confirmed from anyone at Warner Bros. yet, so it's best to treat this as a rumor for now.

This is not the first report of Reeves teaming up with someone from the Apes franchise for Batman. It was previously reported that producer Dylan Clark is going to be involved with Batman. Reeves has repeatedly stated how great of a time he had with the Apes franchise, so it should be no real surprise to see him pick and choose some of the people involved with his success on that franchise to help him out in the DCEU.

Should Bomback indeed help write Batman's solo movie, he will join a project that has had its fair share of controversies. Losing Affleck as a director and writer - only to be replaced by Reeves - was a move that fans have largely accepted, but the latest rumblings indicate Affleck and WB are preparing to part ways entirely. Should that happen, writing The Batman could prove to be that much more difficult if Bomback and Reeves do not know who they'll be writing for. But, Bomback has proven himself to be a capable writer and clearly works well with Reeves, so if they are allowed to create their vision, there is reason to believe they can make it work - if they indeed do work together once more.

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The Batman is currently in development and does not have a release date.

Source: Splash Report

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