Batman's Ex-Lover Trades Up... To Jimmy Olsen

Warning: SPOILERS for Action Comics #1006

Jimmy Olsen may be famous for being Superman's friend, but he's taken Batman's spot in Talia al Ghul's crosshairs, now that he's made the mistake of sleeping with the Dark Knight's former lover. After just one night, the daughter of Ra's al Ghul is apparently hooked.

The villainous head of DC's League of Assassins has now been adapted to both Christopher Nolan's Batman films and The CW's Arrow, and the same goes for his daughter, Talia. And while Talia once attempted to bring both Bruce Wayne and their son, Damian, into the line of succession, she apparently has a new target. Why else would she sleep with the Daily Planet's Jimmy Olsen? Because despite what casual fans might think, this romance really, seriously, actually happened.

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It's hard to believe that such a romantic twist could happen without gaining massive attention, but Brian Michael Bendis and Ryan Sook decided to drop it so casually, some readers might not actually even notice that Jimmy's latest sexual escapade has made him Talia al Ghul's next "beloved." In fact, when he turns to his coworker Clark Kent in the latest Action Comics #1006 for advice, not even the Man of Steel seems to notice the trouble Jimmy's libido has gotten him into.

The moment is fleeting, with Jimmy explaining how a tryst with the daughter of the demon has resulted in several phone calls he's intentionally missing. For the unfamiliar, the tale of Talia was based on her and her father's shared desire for a true "heir to the demon." A perfect union of the bloodline of the Demon (Ra's al Ghul), and that of the world's greatest detective. The amount of manipulation that it took for Talia to seduce and bed Bruce Wayne is a matter of opinion, but the fact remains: both Talia and Ra's have sought to make Batman a successor to the leader of their organization, with Talia's love (in all forms) one of the most enticing selling points.

After the "Daughter of the Demon" story showed how committed Talia was to attaining her beloved - and failing that, mothering his child - the risks facing any man she coveted were made perfectly clear. Which is why fans must now wonder how well known the comic book version of the story is in the DC Universe itself, if Jimmy Olsen was foolish enough to spend a night in Talia's bed. No matter what excuses he may make now, his only hope is that Superman actually starts paying more attention.

Either that, or Jimmy rides this whole thing out and decides whether to become the next successor to Ra's al Ghul with Talia at his side.

Action Comics #1006 is available now from DC Comics.

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