Batman Super Fan Builds the Ultimate LEGO Batcave

Lego Batman and Robin

2016 marks a year where Batman fever has been rekindled and is sweeping across pop culture and social media. Four years after Christopher Nolan ended his phenomenal trilogy with The Dark Knight Riseswe've just witnessed the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of JusticeIt may have had mixed reviews, but it's still breaking box office records and making hundreds of millions of dollars worldwide. Then there's Ben Affleck's gritty, cynical and older take on the Caped Crusader, who looks like he could be getting his own solo outing penned by Affleck himself.

But apart from the live action adaptations, let us not forget Will Arnett's hilarious turn as Lego Batman in 2014's The Lego Movie. Given the popularity of this humorous new take on the character, it wasn't long before The Lego Batman Movie was slated for a 2017 release, with not one but two teaser trailers arriving in the last couple of weeks. Why two? Because he's Batman. But Lego Batman isn't limited to his movies. When it comes to actual Lego building, fans can be extraordinarily creative.

Being aware of the different interpretations on the Batcave, Batman fan Dan Glasure spent two months incorporating various styles to build what could be the ultimate Lego Batcave. You'll notice from the pictures that apart from Robin and Alfred, there are many familiar features including the Batmobile, Batwing and even the waterfall and sewer entrance. However unlike most Batcaves, which are usually spread out and horizontal, this one is deep and thin, built up on a number of levels - from the vehicles at the top, to the water and wooden scaffolding below.





Talking to, Dan explained the inspiration behind his take on the Batcave: focusing in on the detection aspects of Batman's character:

"When I set out to build our Batcave MOC, I was well aware there was already some stunning MOC’s out there. So my goal was never ‘to be the biggest or best’. Rather, I simply hoped to take a little different approach. My thought was to have a ‘working’ Batcave. I wanted it to look as if this was where ‘The World’s Greatest Detective’ spent a lot of time. Perhaps in his workshop, or in his labs, or working on turbine engines for his vehicles (though maybe that’s Alfred’s job!)."

Despite Dan's modesty, his emphasis on the practicalities for Batman's detective work has really paid off. Just have a zoom in on the main picture to see how many easter eggs you can spot (especially the pictures by Alfred).

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