Ben Affleck: Playing Batman is 'a Boyhood Dream Come True'

Ben Affleck as Batman in Batman V Superman

Ben Affleck says playing Batman in Justice League is a dream come true. Even though Affleck's casting was initially a controversial one, he has quickly won over the doubters. His debut in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was a highlight of the film as he perfectly played the suave nature of Bruce Wayne and the physicality necessary in the suit. As a result of his performance, fans became extremely excited with the idea of Affleck writing, directing, and starring in a solo movie of his own following Justice League, with some calling him the best Batman to date (including Zack Snyder).

However, due to his personal life and the stress of juggling the several duties it would take for The Batman, he reduced his role to just starring. This started a flurry of rumors that he was going to leave the role, despite him saying how much he loves the part. He's now gone as far as to say it is a dream come true.

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While speaking with Geek Magazine, Affleck was asked about what it is like playing the iconic caped crusader. Not only does he count himself lucky to play the role for any occasion, but is particularly thrilled to suit up alongside several other DC characters in Justice League:

Playing Batman was a boyhood dream come true for me, so playing Batman alongside the Justice League? I mean, what can you say? The first time we all stood on set in costume, we just looked around at each other and you could tell it was a big moment for each one of us.

For someone as accomplished as Affleck, it is always great to hear how invested he is in this iconic role. He's spoken several times about how much this role means to him and how happy he is to play Batman for as long as Warner Bros. wants. With audiences only just getting acquainted with him and him only making two appearances so far, this is hopefully just the beginning of his stint as the world's greatest detective.

However, as Affleck points out, these superhero roles and the movie Justice League is a big moment for a lot of people. Affleck is already a star, and Gal Gadot is quickly becoming one as Wonder Woman, but Jason Momoa, Ezra Miller, and especially Ray Fisher are primed to breakout soon as Aquaman, Flash, and Cyborg respectively. It also is a big moment for the studio as they look to launch the DC universe to new heights, while there are countless fans who have been waiting their entire lives to see the entire Justice League on the big screen together. Justice League is going to be a big occasion for all of these reasons and more, so hopefully it can deliver.

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Source: Geek Magazine

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