Here’s What Jon Hamm Would Look Like As Batman’s Bruce Wayne

New fan art imagines actor Jon Hamm as Batman’s Bruce Wayne. There’s perhaps no other movie in the DCEU shrouded in more mystery than Matt Reeves’ upcoming The Batman. Originally intended to be a starring and directing vehicle for Ben Affleck, the film is now potentially without a star, with all signs pointing to Affleck stepping down from the title role. Rumors regarding The Batman’s future have been circulating for a while, ranging from Reeves hoping to cast a younger Batman in the role to Warner Bros. potentially looking to have Game of ThronesKit Harrington don the suit.

To top it all off, Hamm recently expressed interest in becoming the next Batman, though he's admitted that no one from Warner Bros. has reached out to him. While this certainly would go against the aforementioned rumors of a younger actor taking on the role, it's nonetheless sparked a conversation between comic book fans all over the internet on just what a Hamm-played Batman would look like. Now, thanks to some clever fan art, those fans no longer have to wonder.

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Posted to BossLogic's Twitter account, the fan art imagines Hamm as Batman's billionaire alter ego Bruce Wayne, being served tea by his trusty butler Alfred. In the background of the rather impressive art is Bruce Wayne’s Batman suit, seemingly ready for action. For a peek at what Hamm could look like as the next Batman, see the image below.

Hamm definitely has the right build for the Caped Crusader, but his past roles (most notably the award-winning Mad Men) prove that he could easily slip into the playboy persona that Bruce Wayne adopts to throw off any public suspicion of him being Batman. Either way, it’s definitely not a stretch to imagine the prolific actor in the role, though it doesn’t seem likely at the moment that he’ll be cast (stranger things have happened, however).

Regardless, it seems that the rumor mill will continue to churn out speculation as to who will star in The Batman (assuming Affleck doesn’t return), with various actors themselves adding to the fun. Even Ryan Gosling recently half-joked that he’d like to star in a Damien Chazelle-helmed Batman film, though of course that again doesn’t seem likely. What is likely is that fans will continue to speculate and discuss until Reeves and Warner Bros. finally offer up some definitive news on the Dark Knight's latest cinematic adventure.

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Source: BossLogic

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