Batman, John Connor and Robin Hood Are the Same Guy

Two days ago, Screen Rant's own Niall Brown reported on Sienna Miller joining the cast of Ridley Scott's Notthingham as Maid Marian.

Russell Crowe will portray the Sheriff of Notthingham in this revisionist take on the Robin Hood legend - i.e. the Shreiff is the good guy and Robin is the villain.

But with production expected to begin in a few months, there's still yet to be a Robin Hood cast. However according to the UK's Daily Mail, Scott is "exceedingly keen" to get The Dark Knight himself Christian Bale in the role. Although they were quick to point out that no contracts have been inked.

Of course, the fact that Bale and Crowe previously starred in the excellent 3:10 to Yuma remake (and apparently they got along well together) might help sell the deal.

Although at the moment, Bale is a man in demand. He just recently wrapped on Michael Mann's Public Enemies with Johnny Depp and is in the midst of filming Terminator Salvation - The Future Begins.

So it might come down the old "scheduling conflicts" if Bale is in fact not able to take the role.

Here's hoping they're able to make this work this out because I'm already sold on the idea of Bale as a renegade version of Hood.

Notthingham is scheduled for a November 6, 2009 release.

Source: Daily Mail

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