Batman: Joe Manganiello Teases Deathstroke Research

Deathstroke Joe Manganiello Batman

After much speculation, it was officially unveiled that not only would the character of Slade Wilson, aka Deathstroke, be the main villain in Ben Affleck's forthcoming Batman solo film, but he'd be played by Joe Manganiello (an actor once considered for the role of Superman, if you can believe it). It's been the biggest piece of news about the solo Batman film since learning the movie was actually, officially happening and that Affleck himself would direct from a script he's co-written with Geoff Johns.

And having Deathstroke serve as Batman's main antagonist does inform about the direction this solo Batman movie is heading, moving away from the cosmic, other-worldly threats of Justice League to a villain who's more human (though not without enhancements) and still dangerous. Deathstroke is probably best known for working as a mercenary, so it's quite possible he won't be tangling with Batman over any personal grudge or vendetta, but for a paycheck. That's certainly a twist from the usual go-to Bat-villain, The Joker, and may help to make Affleck's Batman film stand apart from the many others.

Your guess is as good as ours when it comes to just how and why Deathstroke is menacing Affleck's Batman, but Manganiello is making sure he has all of his bases covered. Tweeting earlier today, Manganiello shared a pair of photos, each tagged #research and featuring a slew of Deathstroke merchandise and comics. Take a look, below:

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