The Batman: Joe Manganiello Says Revealing Status of Deathstroke ‘Not Up To Me’

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[UPDATE: An earlier headline for this article stated "The Batman: Joe Manganiello Says Deathstroke Appearance 'Not Up To Me".  The headline has been corrected for context and the original text of the article is as follows]

Joe Manganiello says he knows the status of director Matt Reeves' The Batman, but an appearance as Deathstroke is not up to him. The first solo movie in the DC Extended Universe for the Caped Crusader, The Batman has undergone quite a transformation since January, when star and director Ben Affleck stepped back from the helm of the project and DC/Warner Bros. brought War for the Planet of the Apes filmmaker Reeves onboard to replace him.

Earlier this month, more big changes happened as Reeves said he was starting The Batman script over from scratch, which was followed by rumors of Affleck's potential exit from the role. While Affleck has since shot down those rumors and expressed his excitement about Batman's future in the DCEU, other questions remain about what comes next for the developing superhero film. Chief among them is the possible inclusion of Manganiello as the villain Deathstroke, even though he himself cast doubt on playing the role a few months ago.

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Of course, the actor's doubts came after Affleck left the project and Reeves was hired; but the idea of a new script for The Batman (possibly by Reeves' frequent collaborator Matt Bomback), has fans and the industry wondering if Manganiello will actually join the DCEU at all.

In an interview with THR, Manganiello was asked about the status of Deathstroke being in The Batman. He first said, "I don’t," before adding, "Well, I do but nothing that I can share. I know everything but I can’t say any of it." The publication followed up by asking Manganiello when he would be able to share anything, to which he replied,  "It’s not up to me. That’s a good question for Warner Bros. and D.C."

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While Manganiello basically sidestepped the question, fans of the actor and the Deathstroke character can probably take the former True Blood star's response as favorable news. After all, if the chances of playing Deathstroke in The Batman were nil to none, Manganiello simply would have said so. But since he said he knows "everything" about the project and deferred to DC and Warner Bros. for an answer, it's reasonable to believe that something is still in the works.

Whether that means the studio and DC are simply weighing their options, or Reeves has informed them that Deathstroke has been implemented in the early drafts of the new script for The Batman is yet to be seen. Either way, fans should take Manganiello's observations as a positive sign that Deathstroke is not yet dead in the DCEU.

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Source: THR

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