The Batman: Jake Gyllenhaal Shoots Down Casting Rumor

Jake Gyllenhaal says he will not be replacing Ben Affleck as Batman in the DC cinematic universe, despite rumors to the contrary.

Jake Gyllenhaal says he isn't going to be the next Batman. For the past year, there have been rumors of Ben Affleck looking to leave his role in the DC universe. The countless stories have yet to offer any real clarity on the situation, reportedly because Affleck's mindset continues to change. One thing that has become common thinking though is that if Affleck leaves, director Matt Reeves has Gyllenhaal lined up to star in The Batman.

Reports of Gyllenhaal being targeted to play the new Batman started last November, but all things related to The Batman are still a mystery. Reeves says the development process is going well, and that could mean that his movie actually starts shooting next year. The movie will need a star to make that happen, and Gyllenhaal says it isn't him.

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Even though Gyllenhaal says he isn't the next Batman, starting off by addressing the difficulty of the question is interesting. If he had no conversations about Batman, there shouldn't be any difficulty in answering the question. This could be him acknowledging that there was talk of this being a possibility at one time, but that right now, that isn't the plan. Considering the multiple reports of Reeves and Gyllenhaal discussing the option, it's stand to reason that there was at least some fire behind all the smoke.

If Gyllenhaal is being truthful and he's not the next Batman, then it makes the future of Batman in the DC universe even more interesting. Is this a signal that Affleck has made up his mind and decided to return, possibly even for Reeves' rumored trilogy? Or, does the reported 2019 production schedule just not align with Gyllenhaal's schedule, and will now result in someone else getting the role? There are plenty of options out there for WB to fill the role (if it needs to be filled at all). If Gyllenhaal isn't Batman though and neither is Affleck, then we're back to square one potentially in trying to find someone to fill this role. Hopefully, Reeves already has another backup option in mind.

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Source: CNA Lifestyle [via Batman-News]

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