The Dark Knight Battles Bane in Batman: Hush Animated Movie Clip

Bane appears in Batman: Hush

A clip from the upcoming Batman: Hush movie has been released, showing a confrontation between the Caped Crusader and Bane. The animated film is due out soon, and adapts the iconic Batman storyline.

The trailer for Batman: Hush was released in May. The footage highlighted a few key scenes from the comic, such as the brief fight against Superman, and Joker's appearance. Based on the trailer, it appeared the film would be a faithful adaption. The mystery of who is Hush is at the forefront, and Catwoman looks to have a substantial role, just like in the comic. Interestingly, the film appears to be set in the New 52 animated continuity, based on the cast list and animation style. Because of that continuity, there could be some changes, like when there were some differences between the recent Death of Superman film and the original comic. As viewers will see, there is at least one notable change in the Batman: Hush film.

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In preparation for its upcoming release, DC has released a clip from Batman: Hush (via IGN), and it shows a scene where Batman attempts to rescue a boy named Edward. Things take a deadly turn when Bane arrives. Check out the clip below.

Fans who have read the comic will notice a big change in the clip: Bane has replaced Killer Croc. In the original storyline, it was Killer Croc in this sequence. In fact, Bane was nowhere to be seen in the story. There is no official reason why there is a character change, but Killer Croc did already appear in Son of Batman. It could also be simply that Bane is a much more popular character than Killer Croc, and thus could potentially drive more sales with a clip showing him. Plus, Killer Croc's role isn't as substantial as the other characters, so he's the easiest to swap out. The trailer also briefly shows a character who appears to be Lady Shiva, someone who did have a role in the comic.

Many fans will probably not like the character change, because it can come across as unnecessary. The film already has popular characters like Joker and Catwoman, so it's not as if there isn't already a selling point. But, to write off the film right away would be a mistake. If Batman: Hush retains everything that made the comic book an engaging read, it could be as well received as Batman: Under the Red Hood.

Batman: Hush will be available digitally July 20, and hits home media August 6.

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Source: IGN/YouTube

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