Batman Just Became STRONGER Than The Green Lanterns

Batman has worn a few Lantern rings over the years, but his latest breaks new ground as an ancient weapon from BEFORE the Green Lanterns.

Batman as a White Lantern Comic

Warning: SPOILERS for Batman Universe #5

The history of Batman as a Green Lantern is a long and beloved one, proving a man like Bruce Wayne is too strong and determined for the universe to ignore. But in his latest comic adventure, Batman has encountered a Lantern ring like no other before. And in the process, it has transformed him into the wielder of an incredible new Lantern power.

Those reading the grand finale of Batman's "City of Bane" need not be confused, since this story is being told in the pages of Batman Universe by Brian Michael Bendis and Nick Derington. It's a mystery that has sent Batman in pursuit of a Fabergé egg exhibiting strange powers, warping him through time, space, and even bringing him back from the dead. But after the egg acted up when in close proximity to Green Lantern Hal Jordan, it gave Bruce Wayne an idea. But unlocking the secret of this White Lantern ring has turned out be far more than even Batman bargained for.

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You can't have a chase without a villain, and in the series thus far it has been Vandal Savage in pursuit of the Faberge egg. But when Nightwing and Batman finally track him down in Batman Universe #5, Bruce decides to go with his gut: loudly reciting the Lantern oath, proclaiming himself a worthy wielder of the weapon for anyone -- or any egg -- that might be close enough to hear him. And lucky for everyone involved, the ancient artifact locked within hears him loud and clear...

Batman White Lantern Armor Comic

The fight with Vandal is over immediately, once Batman is transformed into an armored White Lantern (or so it would seem). However, it becomes instantly apparent that this is not the kind of White Lantern either Batman or the readers are used to. Bruce explains that the ring's malfunction when brought close to a modern Green Lantern ring has given him a theory. Where the White Lanterns of the recent comics are a separate aspect of the Emotional Spectrum, forming a separate 'corps,' Bruce believes this ring is actually a forerunner of the Green Lantern versions. More powerful, more unstable, and seemingly controlling itself despite Bruce's best efforts.

Possessing a power even greater than the Green Lanterns who immediately come to arrest him, the next chapter of Batman's adventure looks to reveal even more secrets about the history of the Lantern rings. Here's hoping Batman can survive the lesson.

  • Written by: Brian Michael Bendis
  • Art by: Nick Derington, Dave Stewart
  • Cover Art by: Nick Derington
  • Available to comics shops for the first time! After being gunned down in Crime Alley by Vandal Savage, Batman is mysteriously saved by the power source in the Faberge egg Savage has stolen! That power turns out to be a White Lantern ring-and when Batman uses it to defeat Savage, its energy signature calls the entire Green Lantern Corps to Earth...and they are not happy! Originally published in Batman Giant #11 and #12.

Batman Universe #5 is available now from your local comic book shop.

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