Batman Just Made Out With A Green Lantern

Workplace relationships are about to make life complicated for the Dark Knight. He's just shared a kiss with fellow Justice League member Jessica Cruz.

Over in the pages of Justice League, writer Christopher Priest has taken the League through one of the darkest periods of their history. A deranged super-fan has gained access to the Watchtower's systems, and used it to learn every one of the team's secrets. Right down to their secret identities. Worse still, he's begun dealing with the League's "enemies" with legal force, creating a PR nightmare.

The Justice League is fracturing, and in Justice League #38 Batman is forced to step down as chairman. In a surprise twist, though, the departing Dark Knight finds himself on the receiving end of a passionate kiss from Green Lantern Jessica Cruz. The two lock eyes for a few moments, feeling the sparks, and both lean in. Jessica mutters "This is going to be complicated" - and then they go to first base.

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She's right; this is going to be complicated. Not only are workplace romances a dangerous thing in the superhero business, both characters' love lives are actually under the spotlight this week. As readers of Tom King's Batman will know, the Dark Knight has recently got engaged to Catwoman. In fact, the current arc features Batman stranded on a warworld with Wonder Woman for what seemed like over 30 years. Although the two had a moment of temptation, they resisted it. Both resolved to stay faithful to the people they love. It seems, however, that Jessica Cruz can tempt Batman in a way that Wonder Woman can't.

As absurd an idea as that may seem on the face of it, it does actually make a certain sense. In reality, Wonder Woman is inaccessible in a way Jessica Cruz isn't. She's an actual Amazon goddess, after all. Cruz, instead, is just a normal human being, with all the baggage and history that comes with that. It seems Batman finds that far more attractive.

Meanwhile, Jessica is facing her own challenges. Tim Seeley recently took over the Green Lanterns comic, and he's currently working through an arc that focuses on the Lanterns' relationships. Jessica's partner, Simon Baz, subscribed to a superhero dating app. Naturally, it turned out to be something of a trap, but in one scene Jessica decided to try out the app herself. Given the "Green Lantern" name was taken, she had to settle for (of all things) "Pancake Princess." As she filled out the details, Jessica reflected that she'd be particularly interested in Nightwing. Instead, the app suggested her ideal match would be Simon Baz himself.

It's unclear whether the timing of the kiss has been coordinated by DC. Whatever the case may be, it really is a massive complication in the lives of both Batman and Green Lantern Jessica Cruz. Batman, for his part, will have to decide just how honest he's going to be with his fiancee. If Batman #40 is anything to go by, the answer is very honest - meaning Jessica could wind up earning the ire of Catwoman for that moment of passion.

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Justice League #38 is in stores now.

Source: DC Comics

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