Gotham City Land Coming to Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi

Batman Begins - Gotham City

A replica of DC Comics location Gotham City will be coming to Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi, ready to immerse fans of Batman into the superhero's world. The city will be a part of the planned indoor amusement park that will also include locations based on Bedrock from The Flintstones, recreations of famous Looney Tunes locations, and Metropolis, Gotham's neighbor in the DC comics universe spotlighting Superman and the Justice League.

Gotham City has previously been featured in several theme parks as rides and small interactive areas around the rides, most notably Six Flags in Valencia, California, which has two Batman-themed roller coasters, Batman: The Ride and The Riddlers Revenge. The area, known as the Gotham City backlot, offered viewers a taste of what Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi will be bringing to DC Comics fans: A fully immersive look at Batman's world truly introducing fans to the world of the Dark Knight and his cohorts.

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At Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi, fans will be able to ride state of the art rides, have unique encounters with Batman's signature rogues gallery, including Harley Quinn, the Riddler and the clown prince of crime, the Joker. Visitors will be able to document their experiences, purchase themed souvenirs from authentic Gotham City locations and dine at Gotham City restaurants. Park general manager Mark Gsellman promises that the experience will be one that will leave a "lasting impression" on all guests visiting the park.

"Home to fan-favorite DC Super Heroes, we’re very excited for our guests to experience the immersive environment of Gotham City, where Batman will emerge from the shadows to help fight crime and stop the city’s Super-Villains. From heart-pounding flight simulators to authentic landmarks, this land is sure to leave a lasting impression on guests of all ages."

Gotham City's Batman: Knight Flight concept art

According to Warner Brothers, would-be Gothamites can help fight crime on Batman: Knight Flight, which will take them through Wayne Manor and Gotham City on an exhilarating one-of-a-kind ride. They'll be able to traverse everything from the Gotham City shipyards to the Gotham City pier, where they'll experience attractions based on every character from the Riddler to the Joker. Afterwards, guests will be able to sate their superhero-sized appetites at one of three dining locations spotlighting the heroes and villains of Gotham City.

Fans interested in heading to Gotham City for a visit (or to any of its sister locations, such as Metropolis) have to wait until summer 2018 to book a trip. Opening on iconic Yas Island, the park will feature six different totally immersive lands based on Warner Bros. properties and 29 state-of-the-art attractions. The only downside seems to be that for stateside fans it might be a bit of a trip outside of anyone's summer travel budgets.

With the plethora of iconic locations coming to Disney theme parks however, such as the attraction based on Ant-Man and the Wasp coming to Hong Kong Disneyland and a rumored potential attraction based on Marvel's Black Pantherit's a golden time for superhero fans at theme parks. DC fans can't put a price on the world's first fully immersive Batman experience. DC Comics fans don't have the same advantages that Marvel fans might when it comes to theme parks. It's time for them to get excited, thanks to Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi, Gotham City is waiting, opening summer 2018.

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Source: Warner Bros.

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