10 Things Every Batman Fan Should Have In Their Collection

Batman is one of DC Comics's most popular superheroes, and these products based on the Dark Knight are all must-own for any Caped Crusader fan!

Batman is one of comics most popular characters. With this brooding vigilante having so many stories, movies, actors, and games, there are plenty of people who can't get their fill of the Dark Knight. As a result, there is tons of merch related to the Caped Crusader in just about every way you can think of -- Batman fans have it easy when finding things to collect.

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If you're a diehard Batman fan, there are some serious collectibles you should consider getting your hands on. Here are 10 things that every real Batman fan should have in their collection right now.


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A crucial aspect to any Batman fan's collection is Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight trilogy. These movies were firing on all cylinders and remain some of the best live-screen adaptations of Batman to date. This inexpensive box set includes all three films: Batman BeginsThe Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises.

However, it also comes with an exclusive 64-page excerpt from the official book about the making of the trilogy of films. Everything is all wrapped together in a sleek, white case with a combined Batman symbol on the front -- it's a fan's dream come true.


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Perhaps you've heard about Batman and get the gist of how it all happened, but you never sat down and the read the story of how Bruce Wayne made the transition from tortured boy to Dark Knight. A crucial piece of any Batman collection, Batman: Year One, is one of the seminal books in the Caped Crusader's lore.

This comic was written by Frank Millar and retells the first year of Bruce Wayne as Batman with stunning illustrations and well-rounded characters. We see how Batman has to evade the cops and how he learns to tackle the streets of Gotham. Batman begins here.


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Batman: The Animated Series remains one of the best cartoons ever made and is a hit among Batman fans. If you'd like to have the entire collection, then this newer box set is the way to go. There are a few different versions of this set, and the one listed here includes some exclusive mini Funko Pops for good measure.

What makes the box set so exciting is that it comes with nice character illustrations, a hefty book, and even a copy of Batman: Mask of the Phantasm to ensure that the collection is truly complete. This is the Batman fan's ultimate box set.


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Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo have been some of the most-praised writers when it comes to Batman stories. Naturally, the comics they created were well-received and beloved to this day. If you haven't read their works yet, then this set of three stories is the perfect addition to your collection.

It comes with "The Court of Owls", "The City of Owls", and "Death of the Family". All three of these comics are intense, well-written, and well-illustrated. They're some of the best of the bunch when it comes to the Dark Knight, and that makes this box set an enticing purchase.


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With DC characters getting so popular, it makes sense that they'd be given their own card games at some point. This Rivals deck-builder stars Batman and the Joker and  is a fun and fast-paced game that will force players to build their own decks and outplay their opponents.

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The cards each feature illustrations of popular locations, characters, and items from DC Comics lore, and they all function in ways that fans will understand and appreciate. It's an inexpensive card game that is sure to be a must-have for any Batman fan who also loves playing cards. It's also compatible with other Cerberus Deck Building games.


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Batman Ninja was an overall hit with critics, but even those who thought it was a bit too weird due to its Power Rangers-esque finale can still appreciate the craftsmanship that went into this figure. This action figure recreates Batman from that movie after he dons the ninja outfit during his final fight with the Joker.

The black of his suit is accented with gold plating and trim. The cape is tattered, but the mask remains intact. This figure also comes with a sword, allowing for some cool poses. Regardless of the movie's quality, Batman dressed as a ninja is a sight to behold.


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While Rocksteady's Arkham games turned out to be a trilogy, it's the first two that remain the best of the bunch. After Batman Arkham Knight was released on current-gen consoles, there was a remaster done for Batman Arkham Asylum and Batman Arkham City to bring them over as well in a package called Batman: Return to Arkham.

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This package includes the first two games remastered for current-gen hardware on top of all their DLC content for the Xbox One. It's a complete package that introduces players to the world of Gotham through the eyes of a video game. Batman fans are sure to not miss this bundle.


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The bat signal is one of the most iconic parts of Batman lore, so adding it to any Batman collection is a must. This miniature version of the signal can project the bat symbol up to 20 feet in darkness. Clearly, it's not meant to be calling the Dark Knight from the tops of buildings, but it makes for a fantastic decoration in a room.

The light also comes with a book that talks about the history of the bat signal, including some colorful illustrations to give a bit more background to it. The signal is made of metal, so it shouldn't be a flimsy accessory either.


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Toast is a common part of anyone's mornings, but why not add a bit more pizazz to it? This toaster brands each piece of toast with the bat symbol, ensuring that every day is a day for the Dark Knight in your house. It's a novel concept to see toast with this specific branding. The toaster is also appropriately marked with a bat symbol of its own on the side.

The toaster is quite basic, but that leads to it being a fairly inexpensive purchase. If you're all about style over having bells and whistles on your toaster, then this is the one to get.


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LEGO is in love with Batman, creating numerous sets involving him and his villains. However, the crown jewel for many Batman fans is likely to be the Batcave set that is based on the show from the '60s. This set packs in every detail from the show it can fit, from the Bat phone at the top to the decals on the classic Batmobile.

Furthermore, the set comes with exclusive versions of Batman and Robin, who are both designed to reflect Adam West and Burt Ward. There are other minifigures in the set as well, each based on villains as they appeared in the show. It's a great-looking set that is sure to please any diehard Bat fan.

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