Batman: Arkham Devs Continue to Tease New Game in 2019

WB Montreal developers continue teasing a possible new Batman game arriving in 2019. Rocksteady's Batman: Arkham trilogy concluded with 2015's Batman: Arkham Knight, but it's easy to forget that they were not the only developer who worked on the legendary series of superhero titles that truly let players "Be The Batman." Developed by WB Montreal, who had previously ported Arkham City to the Wii U, Batman: Arkham Origins explored the beginning of Batman's iconic relationship with The Joker. The game featured a roster of new and returning villains, including Deathstroke, Firefly, and Black Mask, many of whom would return in Arkham Knight, confirming Origins' status as a canonical entry in the series.

WB Montreal would continue their relationship with the Arkham brand, developing the short-but-sweet DLC expansion, Batgirl: A Matter of Family, which was included as part of Arkham Knight's season of DLC, which famously included an Easter Egg of Starro, who was the first villain the Justice League ever teamed up to battle, sparking speculation that WB Montreal might be working on an Arkham-verse take on The Justice League.

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It's been three years since the release of Arkham Knight, and both WB Montreal and Rocksteady Games have been uncomfortably silent. The Arkham brand has remained dormant, with fans all but losing their minds in anticipation for what might be next for this unique take on the DC Universe. On top of that, Arkham Knight's 100 percent ending fanning flames of speculation with its open-ended nature, suggesting that more Arkham stories aren't just plausible, but an inevitability.

The Court of Owls Gotham

Game development is an infinitely complicated process, and projects are started and left unfinished for a multitude of reasons, which can keep projects gestating for years before finally seeing the light of day. WB Montreal hasn't shipped a game since Arkham Origins in 2013 (and 2014's Lego Legends of Chima Online, but nobody knows what that is, and it quietly shuttered its servers in 2015), and it stands to reason that they've been working on something after receiving a positive reception for their Batgirl DLC mission.

A pair of tweets from members of the WB Montreal team suggest they might be working on a new Batman game. In 2017, Creative Director Patrick Redding posted a curious picture from the WB Montreal holiday party, showing partygoers dressed as members of the Court of Owls. Then, in 2018, WB Montreal's Production Coordinator tweeted an image of a team member working while wearing a shirt with a distinct, owl-like pattern. Something is going on at WB Montreal; either they're intentionally misleading their fans to throw them off the scent, or they're working on a game about the Court of Owls.

The Court of Owls are a fairly recent addition to the pantheon of DC Comics. They debuted in 2011, at the dawn of the New 52 reboot. The Court are a secret society that had been operating in secret since the 1600s, not entirely unlike Ra's al Ghul's League of Assassins, but generally localized to Gotham City. They employ powerful assassins called Talons, who have supernatural strength as a result of a serum that can revive the dead, drawing even more comparisons to the League of Assassins. The Court have played a key role in FOX's Gotham television series, and they would surely make a great foe for a post-Arkham Knight Batman story.

It's only a matter of time before the Batman: Arkham saga continues, in one form or another. If the game even exists, there's no evidence to suggest that the Court of Owls will be part of the Arkham continuity. For all anyone knows, it could be a standalone Batman story set in its own universe.

Rocksteady Games are working on something. It could be Batman, it could be Superman, it could be a completely new property. It might even be Urban Chaos: Riot Response 2. Likewise, WB Montreal are hard at work on a project of their own. It could be Batman Arkham: Court of Owls, or it could be something else entirely. We know it's tough, but Batmaniacs are just going to have to sit tight a little bit longer and wait to see what happens.

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