Rumor: The Batman Aiming to Start Production Next Summer

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Matt Reeves' The Batman may start filming next summer if everything goes according to Warner Bros' plan. Audiences were just introduced to Ben Affleck's Batman last year in two appearances, but his future continues to be in question. Whether he stays or goes, it is clear that WB is still going to move forward with the DC Extended Universe and, surely, solo films for the Dark Knight. The War for the Planet of the Apes director is currently working on crafting his version of the film after starting over on what Affleck and company created before.

Due to the director shakeup, the true status of The Batman has continued to be an unknown element in the DCEU. Affleck's version was originally slated to start production at the beginning of this year, but with Reeves now overhauling the solo movie, next summer looks like its target.

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The Wrap's Umberto Gonzalez gave a possible update on The Batman's production today during a new Periscope session. In the Q&A, Gonzalez revealed that the plan is for Batman to start filming in the summer of 2018. But, he issued that with the caveat, "if everything falls into place," meaning it is certainly not set in stone at this time.

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Ever since Reeves took over The Batman, the belief was that production wouldn't begin until 2018, but it was previously thought that it would start closer to the beginning of the year. Should production not start until the middle of next year, it would further push back the film's release.

The contingency in this report is surely due to the status of the script. Affleck and WB spent a lot of time working together to find a story both sides liked, but Reeves has only been working on his version for about two months. The initial premise of his take was agreed upon before and excited the studio, but WB has had plenty of changeover with directors once full scripts are developed. Hopefully, those woes won't be connected with The Batman moving forward, but whether or not they are will largely depend on how willing WB is to let Reeves make his standalone film.

Starting production next summer gives Reeves another few months to finish the script before they start looking to cast any roles. Since it is not even known who the villain will be, what his take will be is truly unknown. Plus, this gives the studio more time between Justice League's release and the start of production on The Batman, just in case they do have a plan in place for Affleck to walk away from the role. Either way, a Batman solo movie should be filming at some point next year, and a summer start will mean everything is on track based on this report.

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The Batman is currently in development and does not have a release date.

Source: Umberto Gonzalez

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