The Batman Fan Trailer Envisions Ben Affleck's Lost DCEU Movie

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While Ben Affleck may be out of the Batman role, that hasn't stopped a fan from creating a trailer for his DCEU solo movie that could've been. As has happened with many superhero and villain castings over the years, the announcement that Affleck would be donning the cape and cowl for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice was met with much derision from fans, only to see many of those same fans be converted after seeing the actor onscreen.

While Affleck's three appearances as Batman - in BVS, a cameo in Suicide Squad, and Justice League - were hampered by the decidedly mixed reaction to all three of those films, many DC devotees still came away with the belief that Affleck was the right man for the role, and just needed a better script to be part of. It looked like he might finally get that in his planned Batman solo film, which he was originally set to star in, write, and direct.

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Needless to say, that didn't happen, with Matt Reeves eventually being brought on to helm the now dubbed The Batman, and Affleck ultimately exiting the DCEU after months of will he/won't he teases. Robert Pattinson is now set to play the titular role in The Batman, which focuses on a younger Dark Knight than that depicted by Affleck. Still, many fans continue to wonder just what Affleck's Batman movie could've been like, and YouTuber Jon Arryn Garza has now taken it upon himself to envision such a project via a new fan trailer. Check it out below.

As one can see, the trailer is primarily comprised of footage and audio from various DCEU films, although a surprising amount of material from Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy makes it into the mix too. Dubbed Batman: Arkham Asylum, the above hypothetical film seems clearly inspired by recent reports that Affleck's Batman script was a more psychological effort that focused both on the titular madhouse and the darker side of the Caped Crusader. With that in mind, the inserted footage from the Nolan movies seems designed solely to incorporate major Gotham villains that so far haven't been realized onscreen in the DCEU, not to try and tie the two continuities together in some way. This is illustrated by the fact that any character that's appeared in the DCEU appears via DCEU footage.

While the above trailer does whet one's appetite for a film like it starring Affleck as Batman, that ship does seem to have sailed for good. It's obviously not impossible that he could some day return to the role, but it does seem unlikely. For various reasons, Affleck appears to have fallen out of love with life in DC's superhero universe, and now that he's finally out, one imagines he won't be pulled back in.

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Source: Jon Arryn Garza/YouTube

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