Casting The Bat Family For The DCEU

The Batman Family is expected to join the DCEU at some point in the future, which means Warner Bros. will need to start looking for a cast.

The Bat Family is going to join the DCEU eventually, which means Warner Bros. will have to start looking at potential actors and actresses to fill those parts. At the moment, the studio is currently in development on The Batman, Nightwing, and Batgirl, not to mention all the movies based on Batman's rogue's gallery. It seems that, within the next few years, DC fans are going to have their fill of Gotham's finest superheroes. And considering that most of those roles are for iconic characters that go back decades, it won't be easy finding the right people. So, we've decided to help out with that.

Note that all the actors and actresses on this list have been chosen for their plausibility of being cast in their respective roles. The simple fact is, no studio can go for top-billing stars for each and every role. Otherwise, production budgets on those movies would far exceed what they are now. It's about finding the right people who can embody all of their characters' traits without breaking the bank.

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Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Batgirl/Oracle

Barbara Gordon is a tough character to cast. She's not only intelligent and possesses an inquisitive mind, but she can also beat bad guys to a pulp with her bare hands, just like Batman. After all, she has been both Batgirl and Oracle. So, whoever portrays her on the big screen will need to convincingly embody all those traits, not just someone who spouts out random words hoping audiences will find the actress believable in the end. It doesn't work that way.

With all that in mind, Mary Elizabeth Winstead is arguably the perfect person to bring Barbara Gordon to life on the big screen since... Batman & Robin (if Barbara Wilson even counts). She's an exceptional actress who's proven that she can always shine in a role even if the movie itself isn't that good. Thankfully, she doesn't come in that many bad movies. Plus, she already has strong clout with certain fandoms thanks to her roles in both Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and 10 Cloverfield Lane.

Finn Wittrock as Dick Grayson

Finn Witrock Nightwing BossLogic
Finn Witrock Nightwing BossLogic

In the DCEU, Dick Grayson is already Nightwing. So, it's not about casting Batman's sidekick as much as it is about casting a fully-established superhero with enough star power to lead his own solo movie (whenever the Nightwing movie happens). And since Affleck's Batman is presumably in his mid-40s in the DCEU, the best person that can comfortably portray Grayson and still check off all the boxes is The Big Short and La La Land actor Finn Wittrock.

Wittrock is tailor-made to play Grayson based on his built and facial looks alone, and he's a well-rounded actor. The only thing holding him back - and it's a big one - is the character's acrobatics. Of course, seeing as Warner Bros. prides themselves on bulking up their superheroes through vigorous training regimens, it's certainly possible that Wittrock could learn on how to move like Nightwing in the comics and animated movies, at least to an extent that it will be believable for audiences, through some sort of crash course.

Max Thieriot as Jason Todd/Red Hood

Jason Todd is supposed to be dead in the DCEU, despite Zack Snyder casting some doubt recently on that particular plot point from Batman V Superman. Whether or not the Robin suit displayed in Bruce's Batcave is Jason's or not, comic book fans know all too well that Jason Todd doesn't exactly stay dead in the comics. Eventually, he returns to the fold as the enigmatic Red Hood - one of the best characters to join the Bat Family in recent years.

Getting Red Hood into the DCEU is on many fans' wish lists, and while it would be great to get top-billing actors like Dane DeHaan for the role, perhaps someone like Max Thieriot would be better suited for the role in a much-wanted Red Hood movie. He's shown that he's capable of depicting complex and conflicted characters with his time on A&E's Bates Motel. Plus, by appearing on CBS' SEAL Team TV series, he's already shown that he can handle the required weaponry to portray a comic accurate Red Hood.

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