Batman: Enemy Within Player Decisions Impact Joker's Origin

In Batman: The Enemy Within, player decisions will impact the origin of the Joker. This makes perfect sense, considering that this is the second game in Batman: The Telltale Series, and the developers at Telltale are renowned for using tricky decisions to challenge gamers and push their stories forward.

Arguably, the most memorable decision from the previous Batman Telltale game was whether or not to pursue a romantic relationship with Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman. Taking the plunge was fan wish-fulfilment on the highest level, but doing so effectively meant throwing Harvey Dent’s sanity under a bus. It will be difficult for Telltale to top that when The Enemy Within arrives later this month.

James Windeler, the lead writer of The Enemy Within One episode 1, has spoken a little about the challenges facing players during the new run of episodes. The Riddler will be one of the biggest threats of the season, but Joker’s origin will be playing out in the background. Here’s what Windeler had to say on the matter (via

“Beyond Riddler, there’s another major impending threat in play this season, something that we seeded in Batman: The Telltale Series with a character by the name of ‘John Doe.’ Internally, we refer to John as our ‘Proto-Joker’ — a man on the brink of madness who helped Bruce escape Arkham Asylum, only to come back this season with reason to believe that his ‘friend’ Bruce not only likes him but also owes him a favor.”

“We want fans to know that their relationship with John Doe (and eventually, the Joker) is something they’ll be affecting with the decisions they make throughout the season. As Batman and Bruce attempt to stop the immediate threat to Gotham, John will be watching your every move and learning from your choices. By the end of the story, you will have created your own version of Batman’s classic nemesis through your interactions.”

As well as this unique opportunity to craft your own Joker - who will surely be carried over to the next game - The Enemy Within is also offering “longer episodes with more variety," as a response to fan feedback:

“This premiere episode alone clocks in at over two hours in length and includes more puzzles, more dynamic choices in the middle of the action, and more consequence to each choice as you carefully navigate the character relationships.”

Windeler also promised “a TON of surprises” and “a decidedly more vicious take on Riddler than we’ve seen in any other Batman canon.” Apparently, this fresh take on Ed Nygma “has far less time for goofing around and much more of a penchant for pain.”

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Batman: The Enemy Within episode 1 arrives on consoles on August 8.

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