The Batman Director Matt Reeves Confirms Andy Serkis Is Alfred

Director Matt Reeves confirms on Twitter that Andy Serkis will be playing trusted butler Alfred Pennyworth in The Batman, coming in 2021.

DC's The Batman movie has found its Alfred; director Matt Reeves confirmed on Twitter that Andy Serkis will be playing the iconic butler. Reeves and Serkis have worked together in the past. Previously, Serkis played Caesar in Reeves' Dawn of The Planet of the Apes and War for the Planet of the Apes. In The Batman, Serkis will be following Jeremy Irons as Alfred, who portrayed the character in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League.

A solo Batman movie has been in talks for several years. Originally, Ben Affleck was to reprise his role as Bruce Wayne/Batman from his other appearances in DC Extended Universe films. He also planned on producing and directing the film. However, he became less and less involved in the film as time went on and eventually it was announced that Affleck was no longer involved in the film in any capacity. Reeves signed on as director, and in May it was revealed that Robert Pattinson would be the new Batman. Reeves has since revealed more details about the film. The Batman will not be an origin story, and instead will be a neo-noir film that focuses on Batman's detective skills.

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This week, director Matt Reeves finally confirmed on Twitter that Andy Serkis would be playing Batman's butler Alfred Pennyworth in The Batman. Alfred is often known for helping Batman balance his double life as a masked vigilante hero and as Bruce Wayne, as well as telling the occasional dry joke. Reeves announced the casting by tweeting a GIF of Serkis on the red carpet.

When Pattinson takes over the role from Affleck, he will be responsible for resetting Batman in the DCEU. Best known for his role in the Twilight movie franchise, Pattinson has spent the years since starring in a number of acclaimed independent movies. With Serkis officially joining the cast, The Batman has lined up an impressive cast of stars. Joining Serkis and Pattinson will be Paul Dano as The Riddler, Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman, and Jeffrey Wright as Commissioner Jim Gordon. Reeves has been lining up top-level talent for the movie, which should give fans hope that The Batman will live up to high expectations.

So far, it's unclear how exactly The Batman will fit into the larger DCEU, which has included Bruce Wayne in several other films already. Still, a film focusing on the character's detective skills might be a welcome change of pace for the franchise. Serkis is a highly capable actor, and his take on the British butler will be a welcome addition to Reeves' film. Right now, Pattinson is preparing for the role, and with the cast almost finalized, filming on The Batman should be ready to begin soon.

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