The Batman: Joe Manganiello Tweets Full Deathstroke Armor Art

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We've known for some time that Deathstroke will be playing a big part in the upcoming Batman solo movie, The Batman, as well as presumably being involved in the upcoming Justice League (although this has not been officially confirmed). The role is being brought to life by Joe Manganiello, and like many other comic book movie stars, he has been enthusiastically posting on social media about his upcoming part. Earlier this week, Manganiello tweeted a new image of Deathstroke for the birthday of DC's President of Entertainment, Geoff Johns, sparking interest in this apparent first look at the character in The Batman.

Today, the actor confirmed that the image is actually taken from fan art, which is in turn taken from footage shot several months ago of the actor in costume.

Manganiello tweeted a picture of the full artwork (the birthday tweet included only a zoomed-in portion of the piece), with the caption: "Thanks to @jeran_art for this awesome shot of me from the armor screen test. #DEATHSTROKE". This new full-size image is clearly marked with the artist's digital signature, and includes a look at a cityscape in the background.

Thanks to @jeran_art for this awesome shot of me from the armor screen test.#DEATHSTROKE

— Joe Manganiello (@JoeManganiello) January 27, 2017

@jeran_art is the Twitter and Instagram handle of 16-year-old digital artist Jeran Morales, whose DeviantArt page focuses primarily on comic book character fan art. He has also created several pieces inspired by the characters from the recent Suicide Squad, and Doctor Strange films. On the DeviantArt page, a caption confirms that this Deathstroke image is inspired by the test footage of Manganiello released by Ben Affleck back in August.

This confirmation should come as no surprise, as we already knew that the image in the birthday tweet was fan art, rather than an official image from DC. However, it's fantastic to see Manganiello giving credit where credit is due, especially to such a new (and young) talent. His enthusiasm with the project is no secret, as the 40-year-old has already spoken about reading comic books as a kid. This confirms that he is just as excited for the fans, and fan interaction, as for the role itself. It's also great to see the art in its entirety, although the main focus is obviously the close-up that was originally tweeted.

Of course, this isn't anything new, and as fan art, this doesn't tell us anything more about The Batman, or about Deathstroke's potential appearance in Justice League later this year. As test footage, we don't even know if this will be the final costume design, although it is unlikely to change too much. We'll be hoping to see Manganiello continuing to tweet more of his favorite fan art, as well as some updates and sneak peeks in the near future.

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