12Gotham's History is Steeped in the Occult

Batman villain Deacon Blackfire

While Batman and most of his foes tend to avoid the mystic arts, Gotham City itself was born in dark magic. Centuries before the city itself was founded, a warlock was burnt to death on the island that would one day become the center of Gotham City.

Over the centuries, his spirit corrupted the minds of the city’s inhabitants, making it a breeding ground for crime and corruption. Upon his resurrection, the warlock named himself Doctor Gotham in honor of the city he helped create.

Doctor Gotham isn’t the only occult madman to leave his mark on the Caped Crusader's hometown. Claiming to be an ancient Native American shaman who was buried alive for murder, Deacon Blackfire first made his appearance by forming an army beneath the sewers of Gotham, eventually taking over the city before being defeated by Batman. In recent times, he reorganized his cult in the ruins of Arkham Asylum, but was eventually hunted down by Batwing and the Specter.

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