It's #BatmanDay - And Kevin Smith Has Photos With 6 Bruce Waynes

Kevin Smith defends Ben Affleck Batman

For Batman Day, writer/director Kevin Smith has shared a collection of photos he's taken over the years with six different Batman actors. Batman Day is an annual celebration of the Dark Knight organized by DC Comics to commemorate the very first appearance of Batman in the pages of Detective Comics #27. The day is celebrated on a Saturday in mid-September (though why is a mystery only the World's Greatest Detective could solve since Batman made his debut in May 1939) and will typically see comic book stores and other retailers hold events in honor of the Caped Crusader.

Having started his career as an independent filmmaker, Smith has since cemented himself as something of a professional fanboy, using his celebrity to become an ambassador of sorts for his favorite comic book superheroes. Batman is clearly a favorite of his, but Smith is an equal opportunity fan who doesn't normally choose one character, or publisher, over the other. While he hasn't yet helmed a Hollywood superhero movie, he has recently directed episodes of both The Flash and Supergirl, and in his own films, he'll often find roles for his favorite superhero actors. Smith's latest film, the upcoming Jay & Silent Bob Reboot, boasts dozens of cameos, and many from superheroes both past and present.

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To commemorate this year's Batman Day, Smith took to his Instagram to share the many photos he's taken with several different Batman actors. Smith's collection begins as far back as the 1990s with a photo of Smith and his hetero life mate, Jason Mewes with 1989's Batman, Michael Keaton, and continues all the way up to the filming of Jay & Silent Bob Reboot in where Batman Forever's Val Kilmer portrays the new Bluntman. Check out the full photo spread of Smith meeting various Batmen (and Robin) throughout the years, below.

In addition to Keaton and Kilmer, Smith also posted shots of himself with the late, great Adam West and Burt Ward from the classic Batman 66 series; one with his friend and most recent big screen Batman, Ben Affleck; the voice of Batman: The Brave & The Bold's Batman, Diedrich Bader; and the legendary Batman voice actor, Kevin Conroy, who made a cameo appearance in Smith's Yoga Hosers.

Burt Ward is one of the many DC Comics TV actors returning for the Arrowverse's next crossover ever, Crisis on Infinite Earths, though his exact role remains unknown. Kevin Conroy is also appearing in the crossover, portraying a live-action Bruce Wayne for the first time ever in his very long career voicing Batman, beginning with the 1990s Batman: The Animated Series. Ben Affleck and Smith have only recently reconnected after a many year falling out, with Smith announcing their rekindled friendship along with the news Affleck would be appearing in Jay & Silent Bob Reboot. Diedrich Bader is also appearing in the film, reprising his role from Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back.

Needless to say, Smith has certainly found the perfect way to celebrate Batman Day. Wonder how soon until he adds the newest Batman, Robert Pattinson, to his collection?

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