DC Entertainment Declares National 'Batman Day' on July 23rd

Batman Day July 23rd

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While the calendar year is littered with various holidays, Halloween is the only major one where us geeks get to embrace our favorite fictional properties in all their glory (Comic-Con doesn't count... yet). Well, DC Entertainment has taken it upon itself to offer up at least one more day of geek-tastic celebration this summer. In an effort to celebrate The Caped Crusader's 75th anniversary, DC is teaming up with thousands of comic book shops and regular bookstores across America to turn Wednesday, July 23rd into national "Batman Day."

One of the main draws of "Batman Day" will be a free, special edition comic book that Bat-fans can obtain by visiting participating retailers. The comic is a re-imagining of Detective Comics #27, which any Batman devotee worth their salt recognizes as the issue where The Dark Knight first debuted. Noted graphic designer Chip Kidd created the physical look of the comic, while bestselling author Brad Meltzer scripted the story.

Besides the comic book, DC will also make available other Batman collectibles for purchase at participating stores, including a 75th anniversary Batman cape, bookmarks, graphic novels, and four replica masks designed by comic artist Ryan Sook. The masks each spotlight a different period in Batman history, those being his original look, the Adam West TV variation, his Frank Miller drawn Dark Knight Returns era appearance, and his current design from DC's New 52.

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In addition to all that, "Batman Day" stores will play host to the first copies of brand new DC series Robin Rises (featuring the current incarnation of the character), and Grayson (which spotlights the original Robin, Dick Grayson). For those who can't get the day off from work or school, DC will also be offering digital downloads of the special version of Detective Comics #27 through their website, and other major providers.

To top things off, those without the means to buy up all the cool Batman memorabilia available will have the opportunity to take part in a separate, smaller "Batman Day" being held at over 1,000 public libraries across the USA on Saturday, July 26th.

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Whichever route one chooses to pursue, there is little reason to doubt that millions of Bat-fans will converge on their local comic book establishments, bookstores, and libraries in July. If for no other reason than the free comic book. Because really, who doesn't want a free Batman comic?

This is just the latest event in what promises to be a huge next few years for the World's Greatest Detective, and the universe of Gotham City as a whole. FOX launches its new drama Gotham this fall, which chronicles the crime and corruption that ran rampant pre-Batman. Ben McKenzie (Southland) and Donal Logue (Sons of Anarchy) star as young(er) versions of James Gordon and Harvey Bullock.

Also, summer 2016 marks Batman's return to the big screen, in Zack Snyder's Batman Vs. Superman. As of yesterday, we now know that film will serve as a springboard to the long anticipated Justice League movie, also helmed by Snyder. Christopher Nolan's vaunted take on The Caped Crusader may have reached its end, but Batman himself is heading into what may be his most prominent era ever.


"Batman Day" takes place on Wednesday, July 23.

Source: DCE

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