'The Dark Knight Rises' Wayne Manor Set Pictures

Wollaton Hall to serve as Wayne Manor in The Dark Knight Rises

Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises is probably  the most anticipated film of 2012. The blockbuster, which sees Christian Bale’s Batman face off against Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman and Tom Hardy’s Bane (and possibly others), is currently shooting in England, with Nottingham’s Wollaton Park standing in for the exterior of the newly rebuilt Wayne Manor.

Screen Rant decided to go along to the park and take a peek at the top secret set to see what we could see.

Now, to be fair, there was very little to be seen, as Wollaton Park sits on a large piece of parkland surrounded by a perimeter wall - but the occasional glimpse of Wollaton Hall implies Nolan and company are doing quite an extensive bit of shooting in the area. The site closed to The Dark Knight Rises on the 25th of June and will reopen on July 2nd, so it’s obvious that they will be shooting more than a just a few establishing shots of the Hall (the interiors are being filmed at Osterley Park in London). The gates to the park are guarded by quite a few gruff gentleman intended to keep snoopers (like myself) off the land, although that didn’t stop me trying to take a look. While the images aren’t fascinating, it was cool to catch a glimpse of  a Batman film being made.

The first image shows sign posts for crew to navigate their way to the park, while the next two images show trucks arriving at the gates of the park and then driving across the grounds to their destination.

The pictures below appear to show outdoor lights, which implies that there might be some night filming at the Wollaton location.

Close-ups of Wollaton Hall.

The final picture shows the grounds of Wollaton Park - and just how far away I was from the actual hall!

Batman News also scored some set images - obviously from a member of the crew - which show the grave of Bruce Wayne's parents. Check out the image below and visit Batman News for more pictures.

Again, these images don’t give away any of the film's plot, nor do they show any of the principal cast (sorry no first glimpses of Catwoman here), but, they do imply that Wayne Manor may play an integral part in this conclusion to Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy...especially if Batman is going to be on bed rest part of the time (read THIS for an explanation of this theory).

Keep reading Screen Rant for more news on The Dark Knight Rises as we get it.

Source: Screen Rant and Batman News

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