Batman: 5 Things That Make No Sense About The Dark Knight (& 5 Fan Theories That Do)

5 Things That Make No Sense About The Dark Knight

2008 brought us one of the greatest superhero movies of all time - The Dark Knight. From the opening bank heist to the closing moments, we were given heroes and villains that felt more brutal and flawed than ever.

The gritty sequel to Batman Begins found Batman as a character who was stuck between multiple mentalities. He longs for Rachel, the love of his life, but he cannot put his vigilante activities to rest...they are his core. The psychotic Joker played by the late Heath Ledger became iconic overnight and set an impossible bar for those wanting to fill his role in the future.

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Despite rave reviews, no movie is perfect. Many plot holes and inconsistencies were overlooked due to the hype. Let's delve deep into the Batcave to find 5 Things That Make No Sense About The Dark Knight (& 5 Fan Theories That Do).

10 Makes No Sense: No One Would Think Harvey Dent Is Batman

Harvey Dent is constantly busy, day and night. All it would take is one paparazzi to take a picture of Harvey Dent at the same time as Batman is out punching people in the face. With the amount of social interest and press that surround Harvey Dent and his overtly-lawful nature, this should not have been an issue.

Batman may not stay around long enough for people to interview, but one picture of Batman, ever, would reveal that he does not have the same prominent chin as Harvey Dent. True or false, news travels fast, and you'd think at least one news outlet would see the differences between the two men.

9 Theory: The Joker Was A Soldier With PTSD

The Joker Soldier

Something isn't right in the Joker's head. We can all agree with that. But what if everything that led up to his fight with Batman was due to external issues that permanently damaged him?

Some soldiers who are a part of their government's military end up with PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder. When returning home, many people with PTSD end up having emotional triggers that cause anxiety, mood swings, and a bunch of underlying mental issues. If the Joker did end up with this disorder, it would explain his hatred towards law enforcement, as well as why he is not mentally stable.

8 Makes No Sense: Batman/Bruce Should Be Caught

Batman Caught

Bruce Wayne, the billionaire philanthropist played by Christian Bale, repeatedly disappears at major events throughout the movies. Everyone around him says "huh where is Bruce?" and then BAM Batman appears out of nowhere. How does no one ever connect two and two? Although Batman and Bruce lead completely different lives, you'd think the mysterious vanishing of Bruce at key events and Batman's arrival would check a few 'suspicion' boxes in peoples' heads.

Oh, you know that huge tank Batman uses to crash through Gotham? Follow the chaos with a news helicopter. It leads back to a cave outside of Wayne Manor.

7 Theory: The Joker Was In The Special Forces

The Joker In Cop Car

While this may seem similar to the Joker being a soldier theory, it is far from it.

This theory states that the Joker was a man highly valued by his government. In fact, he would have been a part of either the secret service or the special forces.

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First, Joker has a high pain tolerance. Most people would pass out from being beaten up by Batman, a well-built man covered in a tactical bodysuit. Even when being interrogated, the Joker just laughs through the pain. Second, the Joker understands interrogation a bit too well. He often asks questions, countering any prying ears that might want to learn info about him. He never gave up his origin story or name, being adept at covert missions.

6 Makes No Sense: Harvey Dent Becomes Two-Face Too Fast

Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight

Harvey Dent is an outstanding district attorney who wants to lock up the criminals of Gotham. Unlike the many corrupt cops that Gotham houses, Harvey Dent is squeaky clean. Not only is Harvey kind, but he lacks discernible flaws. Considering all of that, how did Harvey become Two-Face so quickly, after him being perfect most of the movie?

Because the story needed Harvey to become Two-Face. Instead of Harvey being flawed from the get-go, he becomes a psychotic villain instantly at the end after being an excellent role-model without issues. Despite Aaron Eckhart's brilliant acting in both partitions of his role, the transition could have been more logical.

5 Theory: The Joker Has Superpowers

The Joker

While the Joker runs around, he seems to have perfect timing on everything. From escaping police to evading the number one detective in the world, there might be more to this man than seems apparent. This theory states that the Joker has a very special superpower - the ability of luck/perfect timing. How else would you explain his lackadaisical attitude and his perfect results?

Everything happens for a reason. The Joker is caught at the end of The Dark Knight for a reason, some would say. Writer/Director Nolan said he would have had the Joker going on to try and rule the city in the next movie, before the Joker's actor Health Ledger's unfortunate end.

4 Makes No Sense: The Joker's Stolen Bus Would Be Caught

The Joker Bus in Bank

In the famous opening scene where the Joker robs a bank, a plot hole presents itself. While gasping at the genius of Joker's plan...something might catch your eye as the Joker escapes. The school bus he uses to leave the bank has perfect timing to go in line with other school buses; however, what about the witnesses?

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The bus drivers in front of and behind the Joker should probably have noticed that a school bus just emerged from a bank. Not exactly commonplace. Unless the drivers are paid off, along with the nearby cars and civilians, someone should have been able to tip off the police and write down the bus number.

3 Theory: The Joker Never Kills Random People

The Joker In Van

Beyond being a scary man with makeup on, we see the Joker as a killer. A fiendish and crazy man who acts like he has only a slight plan. But this theory states that the Joker never actually kills random people - even when shooting at civilians, he misses on purpose unless they would inhibit his quest.

Being that none of his actions are actually "random" at all, we see a much more ingenious Joker. Even while tracking down Harvey Dent's convoy, he purposefully and lazily misses shots at him...almost as if he has no desire to kill as much as to change Gotham.

If anything, he takes out his own men the most. Perhaps he's got a few good intentions after all.

2 Makes No Sense: Batman Had Chances To Catch Joker

Joker Confronts Rachel

While at the fundraiser Bruce threw for Harvey Dent, the Joker breaks in with his thugs, looking for Harvey (who he thought was Batman). Bruce quickly knocks out Harvey and locks him away for his safety. Now dressed as Batman, he rushes to stop Joker in his tracks. Joker, the conniving man he is, throws Rachel off of the building.

The hero that he is, Batman dives out of the tall building and saves Rachel before she becomes a thin paste. But doesn't Batman have a grappling hook...that he uses regularly? A quick 1 2 *ZIP* and he'd be back to the top of the building, punching the Joker and sending him to jail.

Sure, via movie standards, it would be too early to take down Joker. The writers could have added a reason why Batman could get back up there, such as his utility belt malfunctioning.

1 Theory: The Joker Is The Hero

Batman and Joker Talk

This popular fan theory makes more sense than it should.

Everything the Joker did was for a reason. When being interrogated and beaten by Batman, he says how he isn't looking to kill the Batman. No, the Joker has something ingenious in mind. The entire cast of The Dark Knight, from Gordon to the thugs of Gotham, are Joker's pawns.

Not for a nefarious scheme, no, the Joker wants to change Gotham for the better. And he has. He's shown that Batman isn't fully correct and that sometimes you need to fight fire with fire. By burning the gangs' money that he earned, along with technically getting Commissioner Gordon promoted, everything he does has the intention of fixing Gotham's rampant crime problem and police corruption.

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