15Child endangerment (times 5)

Who could forget the many Robins that have served alongside the Dark Knight? There have been 5: Dick, Jason, Tim, Stephanie, and Damien.

Fans may have gotten used to it, but it's important to remember that these Robins were kids when they donned their capes and tights to fight crime. Batman

trained them despite being fully aware of the consequences of his actions - or at least he should have been.

To be fair, Batman did it to give these kids an outlet for their rage and pain, but many would argue that he was misguided in his choice. A lifetime of fighting crime alone may have made him unable to fully understand the ramifications of such actions. Maybe it was the only way he could feel like a father leading the life he does.

Still, the repercussions were felt throughout the years. Jason Todd was beaten and blown to bits at the hands of the Joker, while Stephanie Brown was tortured and killed by Black Mask. Damien was another unfortunate casualty of war.

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