Will Batman & Catwoman's Wedding Turn Deadly Thanks To Joker?

Batman's wedding to Catwoman is getting closer by the day, but Joker will be doing his best to ruin the celebration. For a villain of his caliber, that usually means more than crashing the reception - which has DC fans wondering just how bad Batman's most iconic villain will make things for Bruce and Selina ahead of their wedding in Batman #50, arriving on July 4th. Judging by the cover artwork being revealed, Bat and Cat may have to endure one of their darkest days before they can start their honeymoon.

Joker won't be the only obstacle between Batman and wedded bliss to pop up in Tom King's comic series before July, but he's always the most unpredictable. Fans eager to see how Joker will react to hearing Batman and Catwoman plan to live happily ever after - and possibly leave their alter egos behind for good - will need to pick up a copy of DC Nation #0.

It will only cost a quarter to buy, but the menace of Joker is visible from the cover page.

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The comic book won't be focused solely on the Gotham heroes, as the main cover art for the issue shows. The #0 issue will act as a launching point for three new stories: the new Justice League books spinning out of METAL, the relaunch of Superman from Brian Michael Bendis, and Joker learning of the Bat/Cat nuptials. It's the first issue of a regular, free fan magazine available in stores and online, presumably keeping comic fans abreast of the latest developments in the DC Nation going forward.

But placing such a Batman moment alongside truly game-changing story lines suggests Joker is up to something serious as well. Cue the new variant cover by Clay Mann, King's current Batman artist:

We don't expect the image of Joker presiding over the marriage, and infecting Bruce and Selina with his signature smile-inducing toxins to be an actual moment in the story. Not even in the 50th issue, or those leading up to it. But Joker will be up to something, and all signs point to it being yet another watershed moment in King's "100-issue story." Considering the history that's been made in the first half of that master plan, anything is possible from Joker.

The villain's return following the "War of Jokes and Riddles" arc is news enough, but he won't be interjecting himself into Bruce and Selina's story by himself. King has teased more than once that Joker's response will grab the attention of Harley Quinn. Less villainous-- well, less EVIL than ever in DC's Rebirth universe, she won't be happy to see her ex-lover trying to ruin Catwoman's happiness.

Hijinks are guaranteed, but the first hint of how dark or torturous Joker's plan will be is coming in DC Nation #0. Which makes it required reading for those interested in where DC's biggest stories go from here. Provided you have the quarter to spare, of course.

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DC Nation #0 will be available on May 2, 2018 from DC Comics.

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