Batman & Catwoman Get Dressed For Their Wedding

Batman and Catwoman are finally getting married in DC Comics - and it's time to get dressed for the wedding. After years of their on-again, on-again love affair (and through a few criminal clashes) the comic book versions of Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne are trying to find true happiness with one another. The rest of the Batman Family has given their blessings, meaning Bruce may actually take a big step towards retiring from the role of Batman.

Some comic fans may consider DC retiring Batman with a laugh, and assume that something will arrive to throw the Bat-wedding into disarray. It's a good bet, considering the hero's history. But before that happens, fans can enjoy the ride, the love, and of course, a wedding dress worthy of Catwoman.

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No, it isn't made out of black leather. But artist Joelle Jones delivers nonetheless, showing off the unique blend of occasion, emotion, and impending dread King has cultivated in his run so far. Selina's wedding dress (and the alter ego she sees in the mirror) will appear on the cover of Batman #44, releasing on April 18. The story, titled "Something Blue" will be divided between Selina and Bruce's sides of the pre-wedding festivities. Joelle Jones will provide art for Selina's side, while Mikel Janin handles Bruce's (and lands an alternate cover, too).

Fans still have some time to prepare for the wedding in Batman #50, not to mention speculate upon the meaning of Jones and Janin's cover art. Should it be taken as Selina and Bruce making a choice between halves of their lives, or an acceptance that as they join eachother as husband and wife, so too do their alter egos? With King recently proving that he can tell one of Superman's most beautiful stories in a few pages, we would warn readers to keep some tissues handy for "Something Blue."

The wedding itself will be held in the pages of Batman #50, releasing on July 4, 2018. That numbering is no coincidence, either. From the moment King took over from Scott Snyder as part of DC's Rebirth, he has made his structure for the series clear (even if he kept story specifics to himself). While discussing Batman's marriage proposal to Catwoman at SDCC this past summer, King emphasized his overall story plan mapped out for 100 issues. The story since then has all been leading to this coming moment, when Bruce Wayne accepts his desire for happiness, and imagines a life with Selina - leaving his lonely existence behind him for good.

Since the wedding arrives in Issue #50 exactly... well, we don't know what's going to happen to determine the trajectory of Batman to Issue #100, but we suspect fans will know it when they see it.

So, enjoy the wedding wardrobe created for Batman and Catwoman's big day. Mark your calendars for July 4. And most importantly, be sure to pick up DC Nation #0 coming on May 2 - the comic where Joker finds out about the wedding. What could go wrong?

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Batman #44 will be available on April 18, 2018 from DC Comics.

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