Tom King Teases Batman And Catwoman Getting Back Together

Batman and Catwoman wedding

Comic book writer Tom King has teased that Batman and Catwoman may be getting back together. The relationship between Batman and Catwoman was one of the most controversial stories of 2018. The two came within a hair's breadth of getting married, only for Selina to ditch Bruce at the altar.

It was a twist that left fans reeling, not least because King revealed it had all been orchestrated by one of Batman's greatest foes - Bane, the villain who famously broke Batman's back during the classic '90s "Knightfall" event. This time round, Bane was determined to break Batman's spirit rather than his back, and his interference in the Dark Knight's engagement was a core part of his plans. There was a public outcry to the plot, with readers devastated that Batman and Catwoman hadn't tied the knot. King, for his part, defended the plot by insisting it was just the midway point of the story he wanted to tell.

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King is a prolific presence on social media, and he's taken to Twitter to tease that Batman and Catwoman look to be getting back together. He's shared a page's worth of artwork from an upcoming Batman issue, one that shows the pair seated side-by-side in the Batmobile - and both look as though they're unable to resist their mutual attraction.

Of course, it's not going to be easy, both Batman and Catwoman have been left heartbroken by their engagement and near-marriage. Batman in particular is in a very dark place right now, targeted by enemies who clearly know his secret identity. Since the engagement, he's seen Dick Grayson shot in the head by the KGBeast, and even Alfred has been attacked. Batman has been left reeling, pushed to the brink, becoming increasingly violent - to the extent that his old friendship with Commissoner Gordon has been put under tremendous strain.

Catwoman, for her part, has absolutely no idea that one of her closest friends and confidants was working for Bane as part of a plot to harm the man she loves. She broke things off because she feared that loving her could lead to the end of Batman, with Bruce unable to maintain his vital role in Gotham if he were ever truly happy. Although the logic seems fairly strong, Catwoman really should have questioned it. After all, it was the same argument posed by the Joker.

For all the problems they face, though, Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle still care deeply about one another. King is teasing that their mutual attraction is not only still there, but in truth is a powerful force that neither may be able to resist. The story of Batman and Catwoman is far from over - and it will be fascinating to see how Batman's foes, particularly Bane, respond to that.

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Source: Tom King/Twitter

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