15Legends of the Dark Knight: Jake

Anybody who really knows Batman can recall upon request the name of the man who killed his parents, Thomas and Martha Wayne: Joe Chill. On that fateful night, young Bruce’s life changed forever. In the Beyond timeline, as if taking on the Chill family’s curse, readers

are introduced to Joe’s great-grandnephew, Jake.

Carving out his own destiny as a special unit security guard, Jake falls from grace after facing an unconscionable task required of him by the nefarious Derek Powers (who goes on to be Terry’s arch-nemesis, Blight). Becoming a lost soul, fallen into alcoholism, Jake encounters an opportunity to become better than his murderous ancestor and pick up a new mantle in defense of Neo-Gotham.

It’s a fantastic full arc of redemption for the Chill family, fitting very nicely into the Beyond lore. Without giving it away, this new hero/anti-hero could become a more impactful character for the greater McGinnis storylines.

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