This Live-Action Batman Beyond Prequel Made By Fans Looks Awesome

A new trailer for a fan-made Batman Beyond prequel called Batman: Master Of Fear has landed. Batman Beyond was a direct sequel to Batman: The Animated Series and took place in futuristic Neo Gotham. The show was motivated by the studio's desire to make Batman a younger, hipper character, so the creators of Batman: TAS created teenager Terry McGinnis, who dons the batsuit after his father is murdered.

Terry is guided on his mission by an elderly Bruce Wayne, and Batman Beyond introduced a new rogues gallery of villains for the character to fight like Inque and Blight. Despite being aimed at children the show tackled some dark themes like depression and bullying, and the quality of writing saw Beyond develop a passionate fanbase. The series ended abruptly after 3 seasons so the creators could focus on the Justice League show, though the episode "Epilogue" acted as an unofficial series finale to Batman Beyond.

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Batman Beyond has continued on in comic form, and now the makers of live-action prequel webseries Batman: Master Of Fear have taken to Indiegogo to crowdfund the next episode. Master Of Fear depicts Bruce Wayne's final mission donning the cowl, with the aging crimefighter facing off against a new villain dubbed Nightmare, whose mentor was the Scarecrow.

The trailer for Batman: Master Of Fear depicts Batman's swift martial arts skills, and the makers of the episode have injected the whole thing with a gothic horror vibe. The next episode is aiming for a $5,000 crowdfunding goal, and the creators of the series want to make 3 episodes as a proof of concept for an official show. Covering Bruce Wayne's last years as Batman is a fresh angle for a potential show to take, and Master Of Fear appears to be trying to give fans a unique take on the character.

While there was talk of a live-action Batman Beyond movie back when the show was on the air, with Paul Dini even penning a script, it was shelved when Warner Bros decided to go with Chris Nolan's Batman Begins instead. There's still a lot of love for Beyond after all these years, and fans would no doubt jump on any kind of revival, be it in cartoon or live-action form.

Outside of Batman Beyond, the next step the DCEU will take with the character is still in the air. Matt Reeves is developing a solo movie which is said to be a noir detective story, but Ben Affleck's continued future in the role is in doubt. The actor is rumored to be disappointed by the reaction to Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice and Justice League and wants to exit the franchise as soon as possible.

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Source: Indiegogo

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