BATWOMAN Beyond is Taking Over For DC's Future Batman

Warning: Minor SPOILERS for Batman Beyond

With Terry McGinnis no longer able to be the Batman Neo-Gotham needs, Bruce Wayne asks a new hero to fill the role. DC fans, it's time to say hello to the new Batman… sorry, the new BatWOMAN Beyond.

Yes, the world of Batman Beyond is about to get a major dose of fearsome feminine energy--and no, we're not talking about the recent revelation that Catwoman was originally Terry's 'mother' in the TV series. No, this new twist is coming to the realm of DC Comics, where Terry has been framed for murder and is now running from the Neo-Gotham police. But crime never sleeps, which means Bruce Wayne must find his next successor--and the list of Batmen is about to grow by one, along with the list of Batwomen, too.

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The first hint of this twist was offered in the cover art and solicitation details for Batman Beyond #37, coming to comic book shops this October. The cover art showed only a hint of long hair in the suit, but the image and the plot synopsis now make a lot more sense. Read it for yourselves below:

With the Caped Crusader AWOL and Neo-Gotham facing the threat of one of the deadliest villains it’s ever known, a new hero is needed! Bruce Wayne will turn to friends both old and new in order to keep his city safe, but that won’t be enough. Fortunately, a new and mysterious protector will arrive on the scene, taking flight to save the city!

Now it seems that this "new and mysterious protector" is, in fact, the new incarnation of Batman Beyond. Or Batwoman Beyond. Or who knows? Perhaps this mysterious woman will perform so well in the suit, Bruce may make her a permanent addition to the Batman Beyond family of heroes alongside Terry from here on out. For now, check out the cover art of the femme fatale below:

Batwoman Beyond Comic Cover

Readers won't need to wait until November to begin the speculation over who steps up for the part. One of the top choices is sure to be Melanie Walker, the former Ten of Hearts, and recent ally of Terry's? Or is it finally time for Maxine Gibson, longtime friend and back-up for Terry and Bruce to take a more direct role on Neo-Gotham policing? Perhaps an even bigger twist is on the way, revealing a previously unknown descendant of Kate Kane a.k.a. Batwoman!

Whoever turns out to be under the cowl as Batwoman Beyond, this is sure to be an unforgettable addition to the Beyond canon. Readers who want to catch the reveal for themselves can check out the official solicitation details and plot synopsis below, before the full issue arrives in November:

  • Written by: Dan Jurgens
  • Art by: Sean Chen
  • Cover by: Lee Weeks
  • Variant Cover by: Francis Manapul
  • After all these years, Derek Powers, long thought dead, returns! The lethal villain who now goes by the name Blight is back to terrorize Neo-Gotham while he hunts down Bruce Wayne! With Terry McGinnis wanted by the police and on the run, the only person who can stop him is Batwoman! But how do you stop a walking nuclear reactor when you barely know how to use your own high-tech suit?

Batman Beyond #37 looks to drop the bombshell of the new Batwoman's identity on October 23rd, before she leaps into action in Batman Beyond #38 on November 27th, 2019.

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