Tyler Posey Wants to Star in Batman Beyond Movie

Exclusive: Tyler Posey enthusiastically reveals he's hoping to suit up as Terry McGinnis in a potential live-action Batman Beyond movie.

Tyler Posey is interested in playing Terry McGinnis from Batman Beyond. Best known for portraying Scott McCall on Teen Wolf, the actor is hoping that he’ll have the opportunity to play a very different type of hero sometime in the near future.

Since Teen Wolf wrapped its sixth and final season last year, Posey has been quite busy. The actor had a multi-episode arc on Jane the Virgin, is set to appear in the upcoming third season of MTV's Scream and starred in Truth or Dare, which will be hitting theaters this Friday. However, Posey is also interested in suiting up as a superhero.

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In an interview with Screen Rant to promote Truth or Dare, Posey discussed his superhero aspirations. His Teen Wolf costar Tyler Hoechlin portrays Superman on The CW. When asked if he had any interest in suiting up himself, Posey’s response was quite enthusiastic. He not only expressed excitement over the prospect of playing a superhero, but he also had a specific one in mind. “I always got... Remember Batman Beyond? I loved Batman Beyond! That'd be fun, man, I don't want, I don't want to get too old before I got to pitch it.”

Posey isn’t the only one with love for Batman Beyond. The beloved animated series takes place several decades into Gotham’s future and follows Terry McGinnis as he takes on the mantle of Batman, with an aged Bruce Wayne acting as his reluctant mentor. Following the critically acclaimed run of Batman: The Animated Series, the show aired from 1999-2001. It had impossibly big shoes to fill and luckily, it did not disappoint.

There were plans for a live-action Batman Beyond movie, first following the deeply disappointing Batman and Robin. Rumors of the film resurfaced after Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy as well. There were even whispers prior to the launch of the DCEU that the movie might happen. Sadly, the project has languished in development hell for years with no sign of being revived any time soon. Between the divisive opinions on the DCEU films thus far - save Wonder Woman - and Ben Affleck’s uncertain future as the Caped Crusader, Batman Beyond would be the perfect way to give the entire Bat brand a fresh start. Terry’s is a unique angle from which to tell this story, something different than everything that has come before.

Although there hasn’t been much movement on the live-action front for quite some time, Posey would be an excellent choice for the character. As he stated of Scott McCall, “my character kind of became sort of a superhero and was saving people's lives and he was only missing the suit.” Plus, this wouldn’t actually be Posey’s first foray into the genre. One of the actor’s early roles was on Smallville back in the show’s sixth season. He played Javier Ramirez in “Subterranean.” Posey is right that this would need to happen soon if he is to step into McGinnis’s boots. The actor is 26 and Terry is a teenager when his story begins. Still, it’s not as though such an age difference between an actor and the character that they play is unheard of. What we’re saying is, pay attention DC, the clock is ticking here.

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