What Michael Keaton Could Look Like In A Batman Beyond Movie

One Batman fan imagined what Michael Keaton might look like in a live-action Batman Beyond movie, and the result is impressive enough that it has fans hoping DC and Warner Bros. are paying attention. Keaton, who starred in Tim Burton's Batman movies, is one of the most beloved Batman actors of all time, so seeing him return to the role would make a lot of fans happy.

Batman Beyond was a 1999 animated series that looked at the future of Batman. In that story, it is 2019 and Bruce Wayne, now in his 50s, suffers a minor heart attack, which causes him to resort to a weapon he swore he would never use: a gun. This action leads him to believe that his time as Batman is officially at an end, so he hangs up his cape forever. The story then fast-forwards to the year 2039 when Bruce is in his 70s and lives alone, all his allies and enemies long gone, in a futuristic Gotham. Eventually, though, Bruce meets Terry McGinnis, a younger man who convinces Bruce to train him as the new Batman.

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Over the past few weeks, many Batman fans have started to discuss what a live-action Batman Beyond movie might look like, particularly if it starred Keaton. One fan, BossLogic, created artwork showing the actor as an older Bruce Wayne:


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DC doesn't have any current plans for a live-action Batman Beyond movie. The current Batman in the DC movie universe is Ben Affleck, who portrayed the character in Suicide Squad, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League. A solo movie for Batman within the universe is in the works, although it is still unclear as to whether Affleck will star in it or not. Reports state that Affleck will, however, still produce that movie. Although fans initially balked at his casting in the role, Affleck silenced most critics with his performance. However, DC continues to stumble with its movie properties, so no one knows what plans the company has for the future of Batman.

DC should consider a Batman Beyond movie, though, starring Keaton. At 66, he is already around the perfect age to portray the older Bruce Wayne, and the film would not need to connect to the existing DC universe in any way, as it takes place in the future. Many fans would love to see Keaton return to the role and it would give DC a chance to give fans exactly what they want.

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Source: BossLogic

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