Batman Beyond FINALLY Getting An HD Remaster Blu-ray Release

At long last, Batman Beyond is finally getting an all-inclusive HD remaster Blu-ray release this year. Having started and completed its brief run at the turn of the millennium, the cult classic animated TV series is getting the modern makeover it deserves in honor of its twentieth anniversary.

Following the intertwined stories of an elderly, retired Bruce Wayne and his newly orphaned teen protegé, Terry McGinnis, Batman Beyond was set in a hyper-futuristic Neo-Gotham in the year 2039. The show ran for only three seasons, having been shelved to make way for the equally excellent Justice League animated series in 2001, but its high animation quality and impressive voice talent (including Kevin Conroy as Bruce Wayne, Will Friedle as Terry McGinnis, and even Mark Hamill reprising his role as Batman's archnemesis in Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker) has kept love for the show alive and well to this day.

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Series fans' patience is finally paying off, as it was announced at today's San Diego Comic-Con Batman Beyond 20th anniversary panel that the beloved show is getting all-new remastered Blu-ray and digital releases. All 52 episodes in their HD remastered glory, along with Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, an exclusive chrome Batman Beyond Funko Pop! figurine, and a handful of novel lenticular art cards, are being bundled together in a Blu-ray box set, which will be available for purchase on October 29, 2019. For those not as keen on physical media and other tangible goodies, the digital release comes a bit earlier on October 15.

Batman Beyond Blu-ray Box Set

Unveiled to great excitement, each Batman iteration's voice actors were present to proudly show off the impressive Batman Beyond box set to the Comic-Con crowd. Across six discs, all series episodes and the Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker film (also remastered) are included, in addition to bonus featurettes and commentary. To highlight the incredible level of restoration achieved in remastering the series, an side-by-side option can be enabled that splits the screen between original and remastered footage. Regrettably, the creators were unable to properly remaster 11 of Batman Beyond's 52 episodes due to damage, but even these episodes have still been carefully upscaled and retouched to improve resolution and color.

For audiences that variably grew up with Batman Beyond or more critically consumed it as adults, this remastered collection has been a long time coming, and the nearing October release dates for each addition make the pay-off all the sweeter. With the Batman franchise celebrating its 80th anniversary and having been inducted into the Comic-Con Hall of Fame this year, there's no telling what other surprises DC may have in store for fans of Gotham's protector in the near future. With luck, there may even be more Batman Beyond goodness in store for screens if this move to Blu-ray goes well for the long-dormant Batman Beyond series.

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