The Batman: Ben Affleck Welcomes Matt Reeves to the Batcave

Ben Affleck as Batman in Batman V Superman

It looks like all the drama is finally over. Since the very first day of 2017, rumors have swirled questioning the status of The Batman and how involved Ben Affleck would be. Some of those were ultimately proven to be true as he stepped away from directing duties while Chris Terrio is re-writing the script. This has allowed Affleck to solely focus on starring in and producing the film, but even then rumors of him walking away entirely popped up.

The director seat was officially filled earlier today with Dawn of the Planet of the Apes' Matt Reeves agreeing to take the helm, after he initially fell out of talks - which was likely just a negotiating tactic. Affleck's name was mysteriously left out of the press release announcing Reeves' involvement, but Warner Bros. later confirmed that the actor would remain involved. Now, the Dark Knight has welcomed aboard his new director.

Affleck took to Twitter to try to quiet, once and for all, speculation that he could leave The Batman by welcoming Reeves into the proverbial Batcave. This should finally lay to rest any possibility that Affleck won't star, and should allow fans to move forward with the mindset that they will be getting a Batman solo movie starring Affleck and directed by Reeves. Take a look at Affleck's tweet:

Welcome to the Batcave, @MattReevesLA

— Ben Affleck (@BenAffleck) February 24, 2017

With Affleck making this public statement, fans should be able to take a breath and feel more at ease with the direction this project is taking. Just looking at the people directly involved (excluding WB executives), The Batman currently boasts a leading man that is one of the biggest names in Hollywood, a director that has established himself as one of the best currently working, and an Oscar winning writer. For any movie, that is a great core, and is something that is not common within the superhero genre.

However, to play devil's advocate just a bit, this public statement of unity between Affleck and Reeves does come from the same man who said on live television that he would be directing The Batman just a few days before it was announced that was not the case. Hopefully this is not the same scenario we are dealing with now and Affleck's statement can be taken for what it is, but he has given fans a precedent for them to be cautious this time around.

Again, as of right now, it looks as though The Batman will move forward with Reeves and Affleck together, but whether or not this new version keeps Deathstroke as a villain is unknown. Outside of their collaboration on just this first solo movie, fans will be eager to see whether or not this partnership lasts beyond just The Batman. That information is not likely to come out until after Justice League at the earliest, so the next couple of months should come with more reports about Affleck's future. But, for now, he appears to be committed to starring in Reeves' The Batman.

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